Thursday, June 22, 2017


Summer has arrived and you will want to COME TO COLORADO love outdoor concerts. The place to be is the amazing RED ROCKS AMPHITHEATRE, in Morrison, just 10 miles west of Denver. There is no place like it anywhere! The Beatles, Jimmy Hendrix, and U2 have performed here. 

COME TO COLORADO yoga is your dream activity. At 6400' Red Rocks Amphitheater is a totally unique and inspiring venue! 

COME TO COLORADO IF...dining at an old mortuary sounds really cool. Denver's Linger features great food and a super rooftop restaurant & lounge with views of downtown Denver.

COME TO COLORADO like your rooftop lounges trendy and chill. The rooftop terrace at Denver's Art Hotel is very popular.

COME TO COLORADO IF...renting a paddle boat in Denver's City Park Lake sounds fun. The Denver Zoo and the Museum Of Natural History are just next door.

COME TO COLORADO IF...Dining at an 1898 dining hall sounds interesting. The Dining Hall at Boulder's Chautauqua Park is a special treasure for brunch, midday, or dinner. Go for a hike afterward near Boulder's iconic "Flatirons."

COME TO COLORADO love hiking, crisp air, and fabulous scenery.

COME TO COLORADO want to share your love of the mountains with your kids. 

COME TO COLORADO want to taste some of the best craft beers in the U.S. Breckenridge Brewery in Denver and Odell's in Fort Collins are just two of many fine Colorado breweries.

COME TO COLORADO enjoy museums and wonderful architecture. The Denver Art Museum is a Denver gem and welcomes visitors from around the world.

COME TO COLORADO love ancient architecture. The spectacular 700-year-old cliff dwellings of the ancestral Pueblo people at Mesa Verde National Park are a must place to visit!

COME TO COLORADO love super sweet Palisade Peaches and local wines. Palisade is one of our many hidden gems and is close to Grand Junction in the Southwest corner of our state.

COME TO COLORADO want a taste of the old Colorado west at Steamboat Springs, and while you are visiting catch a real rodeo!

COME TO COLORADO want to explore an old ghost town. Animas Fork near Silverton is 11,500' high in the Rockies.

COME TO COLORADO love Mexican food. Colorado is a foodies mecca for fine Mexican food. My Denver favorites include Chili Verde on Federal Boulevard, Chaka's on East Evans, and Patzcuaro's on West 32nd.

COME TO COLORADO love suspension bridges. Royal Gorge Bridge near Canon City is the highest bridge in the United States.

COME TO COLORADO IF.. you love your symphony music at 8000 feet high. Bravo Vail at the Gerald R. Ford Amphitheatre is simply a fabulous venue to hear The Academy of Saint Martin In The Field, The Dallas Symphony, Philadelphia Orchestra,  or the New York Philarmonic. 

COME TO COLORADO want to visit a beautiful alpine village without going to Europe. Vail is one of the most famous ski resorts in the world but summer is very special and there are oodles of things to do!

COME TO COLORADO enjoy fine dining. You will find exciting restaurants throughout the state. One of our favorites is Sweet Basil in Vail.

COME TO COLORADO love cycling. Truly fabulous road and mountain biking everywhere in the state caters to all levels from beginner to seasoned pros. This is a view on the very steep eastern route up Vail Pass.

COME TO COLORADO want to experience superb and colorful sunrises and sunsets.

COME TO COLORADO love outdoor scenery and photography. This is our famous Maroon Bells near Snowmass.

COME TO COLORADO want some monumental Calder sculptures with your botanic gardens. We have just what you want at the Denver Botanic Gardens.

I hope you have enjoyed our Colorado tour. If you need additional help or travel ideas please email at:

Credit:, Colorado Expressions,, Colorado Tourism,,, Art Hotel, Joshua Warender photography, Dick Gentry

Thursday, June 15, 2017


 Our daughter is visiting Florence, Italy, this week. This prompted me to remember a trip Marla and I took years ago. After working at the Heimtextil fabric trade fair in Frankfurt, Germany, we traveled to Florence for a short break. You may think the reason was to see the masterpieces of the Italian Renaissance, Giotto's bell tower, the Uffizi Gallery, or to see Michelangelo's "David" sculpture. Well, that was Marla's reason, ...mine was somewhat different. I wanted to visit, or shall I say, make a pilgrimage, to the artisan craftsman who made my racing bike, Mario Conti.
This was (Note "was.") my gorgeous Conti racing bike. The frame was all hand welded and in a delicious red over chrome. I'm shown during a triathlon transition way back in the day. I think my mustache must have slowed me down! So much for bikes, let's get back to beautiful Florence.

We loved Florence and enjoyed seeing all the galleries. As it was January, we had very small lines and the crowds were small.

Marla is channeling her dramatic side as if in a Frederico Fellini film.

We experienced all the charms of the city.

Marla and I were thinking there are fifteen delicious treats we must buy in this shop! We settled on three.

And now back to racing bikes! Finding "Conti, Tutto Per Il Ciclismo" was a special moment for me. 

It was so much fun wandering around the shop! I saw hundreds of things I would like to take home but settled for only some wheels. Mario didn't speak a word of English so he called his daughter to come over who lived nearby. When I told him I have one of his bikes he gave me a bottle of wine!

It was time to take the train back to Frankfurt. We both loved the art & architecture, and of course, I loved visiting Mario Conti!

 This is the sad part of my story. I used to carry my bike on a roof rack. One afternoon, after a particularly hard day of riding, I forgot,...yes, forgot, my beautiful Conti was on top. I crushed the frame as I drove the car into the garage! I actually cried! My "brain dead" episodes continued as later I actually did the same thing again with a new Guerciotti bike. Steve Beard, our always creative sales rep for Wesco Fabrics in Jackson, Mississippi, made this to put on my rear-view mirror. Needless to say, these costly misadventures prompted me to NEVER put anything on top of the car ever again!

The moral is to always use your brain,...even if you are tired! Mishaps happen so get over them and learn from the mistakes. Also, travel and drink Italian wines, it really does help!