Friday, May 20, 2016


 We have no pictures of the 1950 meetings in the basement of Harry & Joline's home, unfortunately.  Marla still remembers the giant chalk board they had installed for meetings.    Wesco Fabrics' sales meetings were always fun & informative.L-R: Joline Weiss, Howard Smith, & Steve Beard in the early 1970's.

The line presentation begins! I'm showing beautiful combed cotton prints from France.

When your meeting room is a bit small you have to improvise! Kathy Greaser shows the group some new prints.

There is always time for a little fun. Bob Stikeleather puts his mechanical fingers on Bob Johnston's head. At least Ray Lemoine & Steve Beard are paying attention!

Ray presented stellar sale rep Sharon Morgan an award. She worked Northern California & the Pacific Northwest showing samples in her custom van with her little dog for company.

The banner reads "Best line ever!"

Dick Gentry presents Alaska rep, Bob Perrin, with an award.

Summer sales meetings in Vail were always a total blast!

At the Vail meeting we had dinner at a lodge high in the hills north of town. Kathy Greaser assisted with entertainment.

Keystone Colorado was always a great place to have a meeting. We are gathering for an outdoor barbecue.

Things got a little dicey later in the evening at Keystone when the cops arrived because of all the noise from the Wesco fabrics' sales team! It was some party!

"Well, if you don't make a drapery out of this you can always make a skirt!"

Laguna Beach sales meeting with L-R: Jackie Christianson, Tammy Hamdy, Stephanie Gluntz, Kathy Greaser & Becky Lively.

The theme for this 1994 sales meeting was the "Samurai", but somehow Bob Johnston turned it into "Bonsai Bozo." So much for themes!

We even had our own "male dancers" at the sales meeting in our Orange County California showroom. 

Tammy Hamdy shows new fabrics in the 90's.

Lori Conway earned a $1000 for selling the most Finial Company Custom Hardware!

Dick is showing some new exclusive silks from India.

Steve Beard, Paula Hillman, and Lisa Decker blow Vuvuzela horns at the start of a Denver sales meeting.

Our daughter,  Lisa Decker, is a top level financial recruiter in Denver and is a real sales pro. She is giving a sales presentation at one of our sales meetings at the warehouse showroom.

I'm showing a new design at our Denver warehouse showroom during a sales sale meeting.

Friday, May 13, 2016


When we opened our Denver Design District showroom 25 years ago, we wanted more than decorative fabrics and custom window coverings. This was the beginning of our quest for exotic furniture and accessories. For the first few years we featured Japanese antiques as Marla & I were collectors at the time. I'm lifting an antique grinding stone with our agent outside of Kyoto in 1993. 

Marla admires ancient Indian doors at the Maison et Objet home furnishing show in Paris in the 1990's.

We made our first trip to Bali in 1995. This was the first place Marla wanted to travel to after recuperating from cancer. It was supposed to be a pleasure trip only, but by a twist of fate I connected with an agent who connected me with a wood carver in the Bali Highlands. Conditions were primitive, and when I saw a rooster walk from under the owner's desk, I knew he probably didn't have a telephone! We ended up filling a container with furniture, wood carvings and pottery from the Island of Lombok.  We traveled to Bali 22 more times and shipped over 26 containers to Denver to sell at Wesco Fabrics.

it was time to diversify our showroom furniture so our good friend Jean-Francois took us to antique and brocante dealers near Reims, France. Marla is finishing a deal for a number of 18th armoires in the 1990's. 

On that same trip we went to a brocante dealer on a farm south of Bouzy, France. I am looking down from the barn and shouting,..."You should see these 19th century chairs." The moral,..."Never judge a barn by it's cover,...or shape,...or"

After buying in France we found a number of amazing antique wholesalers in Holland. Marla and I bought this beautiful German cabinet. The warehouses were so cold in January!!! We filled a container that day.

Sometimes something just hits you, and it did with me on vintage posters. We carried a large inventory in our Denver showroom for many years which we sourced in Paris and in auctions. I wish we still had some of the beauties we sold!

We have filled containers with furniture, accessories, and antiques annually from Thailand also since this first buying trip in 1996.

Mar works with Noina on the right at one of our suppliers in Thailand. We bought a number of fabulous frog jars from Burma that day.

Love this Acacia wood console table.

Marla wais the owner of this workshop.

Yours truly on our last buying trip to Thailand. In March we bought oodles of modern style Acacia Wood tables & consoles.

I love the cool accessories we found at this very upscale artisan workshop in Northern Thailand.

Love these Tamarind wood modern style cocktail tables!

Marla and I love the creative & industrious artisans in Bali. The guys are carrying a very heavy teak log into the workshop.

In sweltering heat & humidity Marla picked out teak root chairs in Bali. We have a large new selection of teak root chairs & console tables on our next containers coming in July!

We found great raw edge slab tables at this Bali workshop! We have a selection in our showroom & warehouse in Teak, Suar wood, Tamarind, Acacia, & beautiful Lychee wood.

Time to go inside to see what they have!

We bought River Stone carvings from him as well.  

It is hard to believe, but we found some great teak root tables in this place! Sometimes the paths less traveled yield amazing surprises! Marla said,..."Dick, why don't you go up to the top level and look around!" She went with me.

We do very well with polished petrified wood tables & carvings. This is one of our suppliers suppliers in Bali.

Our daughter Lisa helped us make selections from a Chinese furniture importer in Northern California.

Our buying trips have always been great transformative adventures. We have two containers of fabulous finds arriving at our Denver warehouse in July from Thailand and Bali. Stayed tuned!

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Stone carvings in Bali