Our 20,000,000 Year Old Tables

petrified wood, Bali

I fell in love with petrified wood tables on a buying trip to Bali many years ago.  Designers also loved their unique polished look as they didn’t last long in the showroom or the Wesco Fabrics Denver warehouse. A customer from Wyoming purchased 10 of them one day and drove them home in a very heavily laden truck.

Marla completes an order on our last buying trip.  We were drenched after 3 hours selecting the very finest pieces in the blazingly hot warehouse!

ancient logs, Indonesia, petrified wood

Ancient logs of petrified wood are found in the islands of Indonesia. Millions of years ago trees were buried deep under volcanic ash, and initially preserved due to lack of oxygen. Mineral laden groundwater eventually saturated these underground logs and slowly the wood was replaced entirely by minerals. Finding and excavating petrified wood logs is an incredibly labor intensive activity!

large petrified wood log, Wesco Fabrics

These workers found a large petrified wood log very deep in the ground.

Wesco Fabrics, petrified wood table

Only the very best and most solid pieces can be cut and polished. The cutting process takes many hours to accomplish.  Petrified wood has the same hardness as quartz and is polished by hand to a high shine like granite.

petrified wood tables

I love our assortment this year! Designers often group three similar size tables together for end or cocktail tables.

petrified wood slab

petrified wood slab on stand

Our heavy and thick petrified wood slabs are stunning on stainless steel bases!

petrified wood fish

petrified wood fish, monkey wood console

Designers love our polished petrified wood fish sculptures! The largest are about 24” wide.

petrified wood cocktail table, Wesco Fabrics

A favorite on this shipment is a very large 4’P square cocktail table made from petrified wood, pieced together on stainless steel. It’s very bold and dramatic! 


polished petrified wood slab on stand

Our small polished petrified wood slabs on metal bases make an interesting tabletop accessory!

polished petrified wood bear

The piece de resistance is undoubtedly our polished petrified wood bear sculpture!  The size, 27” long x 15 ½” high x 13” wide, is perfect for a most unique, attention-grabbing table.

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In Praise of Workers

Wesco Fabrics, wood shop, Dick Gentry, men's clothing

My very first job as a small boy was selling greeting cards, door-to-door. I mowed lawns, washed dishes in a hospital, worked in construction, pumped gas in my uncle’s gas station, picked fruit, delivered for a catering company, hashed in a sorority house, installed TV antennas, worked on a drill press in a metal fabrication shop and sold men’s clothing by age 22.  When I first began my career at Wesco Fabrics, I changed out of my three piece suit and worked in our wood shop making cornices and fabricating woven wood shades.  There is something very essential, honorable and beautiful about labor, as the worker is the engine of any enterprise.
On my last buying trip to Bali I was fascinated watching these workers lift an amazingly heavy piece of teak!

Balinese workers, teak

The spirit of these Balinese workers is evident even after toiling with the heavy teak. I wonder if the song, “Happy”, was playing in the workshop?

Balinese woodcarvers, furniture, re-purposed wood

This same factory in the Balinese Highlands is staffed with amazingly creative woodcarvers, creating art and furniture from every piece of re-purposed wood.

wood, slab table

wood, slab table

I encountered these workers lifting a super heavy piece of wood. They will create a wonderful slab table for a customer in Milan, Paris or…even Wesco Fabrics.

Thailand, twig lamp, twig furniture

These creative workers in Chiang Mai, Thailand, are creating lamps and furniture from twigs and branches.

Morocco, inlaid furniture

With only simple tools these workers in a small factory in Rabat, Morocco, will make beautiful inlaid furniture.

stone carving, Bali

Stone carvings are incredibly heavy. A number of small villages near Ubud, Bali, specialize in carving stone.

pedicab, fruit seller, Hanoi

Work is, well….work, and people do what they must do to help their families. This pedicab and fruit seller toil in the lanes of Hanoi.

female construction worker, Hanoi

This female construction worker was the only person I saw on this job site. I wonder if the men were taking a break!

Bali container, petrified wood, teak root furniture, Wesco Fabrics

petrified wood, teak root furniture

Our container arrived from Bali last week. It really took a “village” to off-load the furniture Marla and I purchased for Wesco Fabrics!  Our petrified wood tables and consoles, slab tables, and teak root furniture are very heavy! If our customers realized how much labor goes into the making, shipping and warehousing our imported furniture they would gain a brand new perspective on our products!

custom sewing, Wesco fabrics

custom workroom, Wesco Fabrics

custom workroom, Wesco Fabrics

Our workers at Wesco Fabrics in the Custom Workroom are artisans, creating beautiful window coverings for designers throughout the U.S.

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Images: Dick Gentry