Friday, November 17, 2017


When I look at the year I have so many blessings! Most important is Marla, my amazing soulmate.

 She is never afraid to do whatever needs to be done!

 She is a seeker of wisdom. This was at Conference On World Affairs in Boulder.

 She is a lover of new experiences.

 An avid beachcomber!

 I am so very thankful for my wonderful Girls! 

Our family get-togethers this year were filled with laughter, and always, great joy! 

 Stacy and Stan.

I couldn't have been happier for my daughter Lisa's sabbatical trip to Europe this year! 

We LOVE celebrations! This one was for Stacy.

 We had many great celebrations for my Mom's 98th birthday.  This is my brother Gary from the Big Island and my niece Elan from New York City. She and her family hosted a party of twelve of us for dinner at Del Popolo in San Francisco.

 A birthday celebration at Alioto's on Fisherman's Wharf. My Mom loves Dungeness crab!

 We celebrated my aunt Shirley's birthday in Lafayette with a wonderful Princess cake.

 We loved connecting with my cousin Cindi and her daughter Gretchen's family. I showed them old pictures of our family from the early 1900's.

 It was a real treat seeing my nephew Steve and his wife Karen (from Edinburgh) in Mallorca. Our friends from Paris, Kathy & Philippe, joined us as well.

 We are blessed to have a friend like Lea, Marla's Delta Gamma sorority sister from the University of the Pacific. Lea often drives an hour and a half to visit my Mom which is so kind!

 The celebrations continue with Alex and her family in Walnut Creek. 

I feel very blessed to have such wonderful and supremely interesting friends from High School! 

 I am so thankful to witness the curiosity, imagination, and passions of my Grandchildren! Paxton is reading the Mandarin inscription at Sunset View Cemetery in El Cerrito where many of my relatives are buried.

 Watching the curiosity of the four-year-old twins is one of my greatest joys this year!

I can't even begin to express my gratitude to still go on adventurous cycling trips in Europe! Thank you knees!

As always WINE is around when I think of my year of Thanksgiving blessings.

We all have so much to be thankful for this year including our loved ones, friends, and celebrity events. I would be terribly remiss if I didn't add my
to the list. I really enjoy seeing what they all are sharing, their celebrations, thoughts, and passions.

Friday, November 10, 2017


Marla and I were excited to dine at Marc Fosh, the only British chef with a Michelin star in Spain. This was included in my luxury cycling trip of Mallorca with Cyclespeed Tours.

Andrew Bernard, the owner of Cyclespeed Tours, escorted us to the restaurant located on a charming side street in Palma at the Hotel de la Missio.

The restaurant prepared a special menu for Marla as she has seafood allergies.

The dinner began with a delicious and creative amuse bouche.

The creativity ramped up with the tartar of Soller prawns & sea bass and a quite unusual plankton jelly.

Our next course consisted of hummus tortellini with red pepper chlorophyll, dukkah (An Egyptian spice) and goat cheese powder.

Corvina ( Drum Fish) with young almond "noodle", asparagus, oxalis (Wood Sorrel) and squid ink.

We loved the creative plating for the braised beef cheeks. It was combined with smoked hay, baby turnip, bone marrow, and watercress.

Orange blossom panna cotta with aloe vera, toasted strawberry sorbet, and hibiscus-strawberry infusion.

A dark chocolate "cremoso" with apricot-pollen sorbet and fresh basil finished this exciting beautifully prepared menu.

The Hotel was originally a convent in the 17th century. The interior is designed with a very cool, contemporary flair.

We were all totally spoiled by the amazing service of Andrew and his company. We finished dinner at 10:30 PM and he was there to escort us back to the hotel. 
Would I use Cyclespeed Tours for another luxury bike tour of gorgeous Mallorca?
Let me simply say,...I would go back tomorrow!!!

We asked Andrew and Jean-Sebastien for a super place for grilled fish by the sea. They both came up with the same answer, Playa del Mago Restaurante. They said the little restaurant is really great,...though its next to a NUDE BEACH! I looked at Marla and said,..."Well, if the food is good?"
We parked up the hill and walked down the path, past an incredibly gorgeous bay in the Cala Portals Vells area. The hillside was dotted with beautiful villas.

The turquoise bay at Play del Mago is breathtaking!

Being right next to a nude beach may be understandably off-putting for some of you. My advice is "keep your head down and concentrate on the delicious food!"
The restaurant has a small boat shown on the right which picks up people from their yachts in the bay and takes them back and forth.

Our waiter de-boned my sea bass.

It was really outstanding!

Kathy and Philippe had a wonderful seafood paella.

We LOVED our lunch and headed up the hill to our car. I must say this was a very unique day!

I'll share a few other favorite dishes from our trip. I really enjoyed my starter of Soller shrimp with assorted melon at Es Canyis restaurant at Port Soller.

Marla could have a made a total meal out of the starter of grilled vegetables at Ran de Mar in Port Soller. 

Writing these blogs on Mallorca has brought back a rush of beautiful memories of gorgeous scenery, fine dining, unusual cuisine, great cycling, and adventure.

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