My Feet are Killing Me

Marla Gentry, Workman Shoe Calendar

Every morning at 5:30 AM, Marla comes into the kitchen and looks at her page-a-day “Shoe Calendar” from Workman Publishing.  Each day it features an amazing shoe design, past and present. It’s part of her ritual before making coffee or looking at her horoscope. She LOVES shoes. I’ve tagged along with her on shoe shopping expeditions in Paris, Madrid, Cannes, Florence. . . and Nordstrom’s anywhere!  Along with all her shoes she has also collected a whole series of shoe expressions such as, “I can only wear these at the dinner table” or “These are gorgeous but how can they expect anyone to wear them!” I’m sure you get the story.

Brooklyn Museum, Lady Gaga, Christian Louboutin:height=

Shoes for women and men have symbolized class and status, style and fashion, and individual expression for centuries.  Fashion lovers are flocking to see, “Killer Heels: The Art of the High-Heeled Shoe,” at the Brooklyn Museum. The show features 160 extreme designs even Lady Gaga would envy! The exhibit catalog features Christian Louboutin’s “Printnz” from 2013.

Salvatoare Ferragamo, Florence

Salvatore Ferragamo designed these colorful platform sandals in 1938.  I remember the first time I visited the Ferragamo boutique in Florence many years ago. My favorite shoes are by Ferragmo.

Vivienne Westwood, shoes

Vivienne Westwood created this design in 1993. The expression “Break a leg” in show business would also apply to wearing these crazies!

Italian, Chopine

Stylish and aristocratic Italian women way back in the 16th century enjoyed high heels. This “Chopine” dates from 1550-1650, and is made with silk and metal.

Prada, shoes

Prada designed these flaming red wedge heels in 2012.

Lady Gaga, United Nude,shoes

Of course Lady Gaga loved these shoes from United Nude.  You can say “there is something crawling on my foot” and people will believe you!

United Nude, Iris van Herpen, shoes

United Nude teamed with Iris van Herpen on these 3-D printed shoe creations.

19th century China, Manchu, shoes

This pair of shoes was worn by Chinese Manchu women in the 19th century.

Jantamiau L'Image Tranquille

You can say you are “on top of the world” wearing Jantamiau’s L’Image Tranquille 2013 shoe.

Japanese fashion, Masaya Kushino

Japanese fashion shoe designers are in a class by themselves when it comes to exotic creations. “Bird-witched” is by Masaya Kushino.

vintage Geta shoes, Kyoto, Japan

Many years ago we found these vintage Geta shoes while hunting Japanese antiques in Kyoto for our Wesco Fabrics’ showroom at the Denver Design District. Marla gives them a try while channeling her best Geisha routine!

new Geta shoe, Marla Gentry

This updated version fits better!

***Check out the YouTube video of the exhibit:

Chihuly in the Garden

Dale Chihuly, Denver Botanic Garden, glass art

The genius of Dale Chihuly is on vibrant display at the Denver Botanical Garden.  The Chihuly “Garden Cycle” exhibit began in 2001 at botanical gardens around the country, displaying the unique language of glass art forms and nature. We visited the exhibit at the Dallas Arboretum a few years ago, but I must say the exhibit in Denver is fabulous! Visitors are mesmerized by colors and shapes of the glass sculpture in such a beautiful garden setting!

glass sculpture, Dale Chihuly, Denver

The rich orange and reds of the glass sculpture are an interesting counterpoint to the fall colored trees.

lily pond, glass sculpture, Dale Chihuly

A lily pond shimmers with green and purple reflections.

glass sculpture, Dale Chihuly

Japanese garden, glass art, Dale Chihuly

The Japanese Garden features giant and colorful glass floats in various shades of blue.

Dale Chihuly, glass balls

A wooden boat is filled with giant glass balls of tantalizing colors.

glass sculpture, Denver Botanic Gardens, Dale Chihuly

Rich red glass sculptures undulate on a grassy field, almost like they have been there forever.

European garden, glass sculpture, Dale Chihuly

This traditional European-styled garden is the perfect place for this very large glass tree creation.

glass sculpture, Dale Chihuly

A creatively inspired butterfly alights on a twisted glass branch sculpture.

tropical, Denver Botanic Gardens, Dale Chihuly

Red flower-form creations complement wild nature in the tropical greenhouse.

Denver Botanical Garden, glass sculpture, Dale Chihyly

We found the perfect spot to enjoy both lunch and Chihuly’s exotic shapes in the reflecting pool.  I can’t remember experiencing such a wonderful fall morning with wonderful glass art and nature mixed to absolute perfection! The Denver exhibit continues to November 30. There are still tickets available to see the exhibit lit up at night. The Fairchild Tropical Botanical Gardens in Miami, Florida, will exhibit Chihuly’s “Garden Cycle” from December 6 to May 31, 2015.