Guernsey Island of Enchantment

Guernsey Island, Kenneth Branagh

For Kenneth Branagh it will be the subject of his movie, “The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Society.” For some it is a popular “Offshore Finance Center”, accounting for 37% of Guernsey’s income. For visitors it is a wonderful place to decompress from a busy life and enjoy the slow pace of the island. For my sister it was a destination of excitement, hope and love, as she traveled from California to marry her pen-pal, many years ago. For me it is an island of enchantment! Please join me on a private tour.

Saint Peter Port, The Pollet

“The Pollet” is an ancient street in Saint Peter Port lined with shops and restaurants.

Guernsey Island, Mill Street

“Mill Street” is a particular favorite of ours from our very first trip. The steepness of the street has created difficulties for stores over the years but it is very charming.

Guernsey Island, old market

The old Market area has been transformed to a bustling area of boutiques and restaurants. “How about a local brew?”

Marla Gentry, Guernsey Island, antiques

Marla stops to admire an antique shop filled with small cars, boats and airplanes.

Guernsey Island, cliff walks

Locals and visitors love the many “Cliff Walks” which line the island’s coastline.  I love the many gorgeous bays that dot the coast. A few have ancient watchtowers from the 18th century along with little restaurants for snacks.

Fermain Bay, , Guernsey Island

The trails near Fermain Bay are lush with ferns and flowers in bloom. There is a peacefulness interrupted only by the sounds of seabirds and warm winds in the pines.

Cliff Walks, Guernsey Island

We came across an interesting old home on a cliff walk near Jerbourg Point. It looks like something out of an old storybook.

Guernsey cows,Guernsey Island

Guernsey is famous for their cows and dairy products. These Guernsey cows are definitely spoiled on this green meadow with spectacular views.

Guernsey Island, Icart Point

The views from Icart Point are magnificent!  We encountered a number of artists painting the wonderful view on their canvases.

Leaving the cliff trail we headed back toward town. This is a typical small lane in St. Martin’s parish, with very old homes and granite walls on the street. The house on the right was built in 1789.

Guernsey Island

I love this “Thank you for being Honest” roadside stand filled with fresh garden produce and eggs from their little farm.

Sausmarez Manor, Guernsey Island

Sausmarez Manor is an estate lost in time and open to the public. Part of the home began in the late 12th century with the important fa├žade built between 1714 and 1718.

cream tea, Guernsey Island

We stopped for a delightful “Cream Tea” in their garden. I love their homemade scones, topped with Guernsey butter, jam and heavy cream! “Yumm!”

Guernsey Island

Our visit to this magical isle of enchantment was totally fabulous! Spending wonderful time visiting my niece and her husband, nephew and his wife, along with my brother-in-law, was an incredible bonus on our Guernsey holiday.

Stay tuned for a visit to the beautiful island of Sark, a unique place where cars are “not allowed.”

All images by Dick Gentry.

Visions of a Wayfarer

boys, India, Jaiipur

 “We live in a wonderful world that is full of beauty, charm and adventure. There is no end to the adventures we can have if only we seek them with our eyes open.” Jawaharial Nehru.

The image above shows a group of curious boys peering in our window. We had stopped in a remote rural village for directions while lost between Agra and Jaipur, India.

I travel to learn and grow, enlarge my focus, and to make meaningful connections with new cultures and people. My travel memories are a library of hundreds of stacked volumes, some dusty and others well worn.  Editing images to share is a difficult task but let me show a few which I love.

Shanghai, comic book, study

Walking through a tiny lane in Shanghai we spotted a young boy studying.  A few minutes earlier we saw his mother scream at him to put down a comic book. He began to read his lessons in earnest, seemingly oblivious to the hundreds of people passing by.

Ardeche region, France, medieval bridge

While cycling with a friend in the Ardeche region of France we came upon a beautiful medieval bridge.  I wondered about the people who traveled across it, and what their lives were like almost a 1000 years ago.

Balinese dancers, Tegallaland Ogoh Ogoh festival, Ubud

I was mesmerized by the beauty and grace of these Balinese dancers at the Tegallalang Ogoh Ogoh Festival outside of Ubud.  They were quietly elegant in a very frenetic and crazy environment.

Jouse of the Saracen, Arezzo, Italy

On a warm evening we watched competitors train for the “Joust of the Saracen”, or the Giostra del Saracino, in the ancient square of Arezzo, Italy.

Kapoho, Hawaii

The spring fed ponds in Kapoho, on the Big Island, are beautiful and amazing. This image almost puts me in a trance!

monk, Cambodia, Bayon Temple

We spotted a monk while exploring the Bayon temple at Angkor Thom. The juxtaposition of the temple carving and the monk was amazing.

Hanoi, butcher, hogs

Commerce takes many innovative forms. This butcher in Hanoi used a motorcycle to get his hogs to market.

souks, Marrakech

One can become totally lost in the labyrinthine souks of Marrakech, but what a wonderful experience!

Sacred Way, Beijing

 We felt the Sacred Way near Beijing was almost ours alone.

Fornillo Beach, Positano, Amalfi Coast, salad

Lunch becomes art with a delicious Caprese salad and fabulous bruschetta at Fornillo Beach near Positano on the Amalfi Coast.

sunset, Andaman Sea, Thailand

And sunsets anywhere! The Andaman sea glows with a fantastic sunset in Krabi, Thailand.

May your travels take you to amazing places.
“To my mind, the greatest reward and luxury of travel is to be able to experience everday things as if for the first time, to be in a position in which almost nothing is so familiar it is taken for granted.”
Bill Bryson

All images by Dick Gentry