Thursday, June 18, 2009

Savvy Sample Books

Have you ever thought about where all the fabrics come from in your sample books? The development of our fabric collections and programming into sample books is a long, creative process. The first step is to find fabrics that the designers will like. We travel to textile markets around the world to source new fabrics to add to our line.

Marla: “Isn’t this terribly expensive?” Dick: “Yes, but isn’t it beautiful?”

We found Wes Nile at a show in Europe. It is sampled in our “Sail Away With Me” collection.

Wes Hot Shot from “Silk Roads”.

Wes Dance Moves and Wes Night Club from the “Night Life” collection were produced by one of our exclusive silk mills in India.

Marla: “I totally love this silk!”

Kathy Greaser names all our fabrics, programs them into sample books, and works with our sample makers. She loves fabrics, but spends most of her day as Wesco’s National Sales Manager.

Wes Stage from “Sail Away With Me” and Wes After Hours from “Night Life.”

Robert and Nick inspect the goods arriving from the mills.

Dusko and Abas cut swatches for our showrooms.

Maggie makes sure all the sample orders from our salespersons and showrooms around the country are processed efficiently.

It is a real team effort!

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