Thursday, July 23, 2009

Gentry catches Tour de France fever!

France has Tour de France fever. I am riding with a group that rides the route early. We then watch the pros when they ride later in the day.

We are based in beautiful Annecy for the Alps and the time trial.

I stopped at an ancient fountain to refill my bottles on the Col du Morais. 15 minutes later on the very difficult Col de la Croix Fry, the sky opened up with cold rain and thunder. Brutal. I opted to head down for shelter. I rode down wet, oil slicked roads, trying not to crash! My hands are numb! I watched Stage 17 on the TV.

My photo op with the famous “Devil" before riding the "Semnoz" climb out of Annecy.

On a quaint, dark, cobblestone street I found pictures about the history of the Tour.

A rider goes through the 1 kilometer kite as the fans pound the barriers. Today's time trial circles Lac Annecy. It has a few steep sections so the "Race of Truth" is quite challenging. 600,000 fans are expected on Mt. Ventoux Saturday…

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