Thursday, July 30, 2009


Volume I

A Paris dispatch on style and fashion.

“Aah Paris!” After a week of riding the punishing steep cols of the French Alps, I spent two days recuperating in Paris. I was totally ready to forget about the bike and relax in one of my favorite cities. I am a definite creature of habit so it was not difficult to choose the 6th Arrondissement for my stay. The “6th” is an old friend, easily approachable, comfortable, and with a unique charm. With Marla in Denver minding the store, I was ready to be fully engaged in rediscovering my “favorite Paris village.” I love boutique hotels and chose Hotel Odeon Saint-Germain on the wonderful Rue Saint Sulpice, two blocks from the famous church. My room was a few clicks left of miniscule (even by Paris standards) but beautifully renovated by the famous Paris designer, Jacques Garcia.

The Tour de France riders don’t arrive in Paris until at least 4:30 pm so I have plenty of time to wander my favorite streets in the district. The stores are closed, being a Sunday, but their windows beckon, some shouting, many whispering, ”…come closer and take a look.”

With my iPhone in hand I stroll, snapping pics of colors, fashions, and the design vibe of the neighborhood. Rue des Cannettes, Bonaparte, Jacob, among others, abound with wonderful fashion boutiques, antique galleries, and design houses.

Pinks were everywhere.

I walked by Le Procope, the oldest restaurant in Paris, founded in 1686. This small plaque on the side of the building is fascinating. Benjamin Franklin supposedly made finishing touches on the constitution while dining here. I wonder what Napoleon Bonaparte had for dinner?

Shades of summer.

A beautifully embroidered silk in a Place de Furstenberg window.

Pink and purple.

This shop was a “cabinet of curiosities.”

Time for a sandwich on the Rue de Seine.

Lance Armstrong and the Astana team arrive in Paris to the cheers of hundreds of thousands!

The peloton follows, tired after a grueling three week competition.

Even Tiffany would be jealous of this display window.

Volume II coming next week…

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