Thursday, August 20, 2009


I was like a kid at Christmas when our new container was being unwrapped in our Wesco Fabric Warehouse. It had been months since Marla and I had worked with our suppliers in Thailand, hand selecting unique and very special pieces of furniture and accessories.
Marla inspects a Mango wood modern desk and bench.
Cool tables and lamps.
New Buddha statues.
I cherish this pair of early 20th century acolytes from Burma.
We received a large assortment of decorative sticky rice containers called "tip khao".
Modern tables.
Our twisted vine sculptures are very dramatic.
I found the recycled wood console in Los Angeles. The cream colored offering containers and Buddha are from Burma.
Marla operates our Burmese horse street puppets. The white horse (Myin) plays an important role in Burmese mythology. It is the symbol of the horse-head shaped constellation which was supposed to have appeared at the birth of the universe. The horse dance represents the creation of earth.
Small Hsun-ok lacquered offering containers.
Burmese early 20th century offering containers.

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