Thursday, September 3, 2009

Color Sensations - Part 1

I put on one of my most vibrant shirts this morning. Purple! You probably know the feeling. Some days you want to shout out to the world how you feel with a strong color statement, and then there are those times when you just want to blend in with a totally beige look.

We have never experienced the amazing Kaleidoscope of color that influences our world as today. We are continually editing and sifting through a myriad of color choices. Our moods, goals, and needs shape the way we see and apply color to our world. Think of all the choices today! IPhone colors, cereal boxes, wine labels, cars, magazines, TV and movies, high fashion designers, fabrics, paints, and laptops, use color to stimulate, motivate, and to create personal signatures that express who we are right now.

I asked a number of home furnishing industry professionals what colors they like now and what they thought would be important in 2010.

“I’m into warm colors and paprika. Next year more conservative and versatile neutrals.” Ed Parent, Boulder, CO

“It seems browns and blues are still popular this year. My ‘crystal ball’ is telling us whites and neutrals next year.” Jerry Hettinger, Danville, CA

“Ocean blue – it’s restful and relaxing. Next year, clean neutrals.” Lisa White, Breckenridge, CO

Burgundy is my 2009 favorite. Hot for 2010 will be variations of green.” Ray Popkin, Somers, NY

“In 2009 I like the red family (fabrics displayed are Mood Ring - Ruby Red, Montana - Scarlett). Yellow and gray will be hot next season.” Kathy Greaser, Lakewood, CO

“I am having fun with purples these days. I like lime green and tangerine, deep reds and golds. Next year, a return of gold and silvers. I see earth tones important as well.“ Lynne Bier, Steamboat Springs, CO

“The orange like Dick saw in Paris. It evokes high energy and happiness.” Bonnie Buccola, Upland, CA

“Colorado Sky Blue and for 2010, yellow greens.” Red Fox Designs, CO

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