Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Color Sensations - Part 2

Wes Gemstone - Tan, Wes Siktesse - Coffee, Wes Nick of Time - Latte/Chocolate

“Chocolate brown and taupe, and pale, honeydew green.” Michele Cornell, Aurora,CO

“Chocolate mixes with bright colors, like blue, orange, greens. As for 2010, black and white along with bright colors.” Heimburger Group, Indianapolis, IN

“New blue. It is soft and easy to look at. For next year, yellow, robins egg blue and gray.” Claudann Burks, IL

Wes Caliber - Choloate French Blue, Wes Josie - Bluestone

“Blue Hues with earth tones, soft green and blue in 2010.” Tom Rasmussen, WI

“Blue is my favorite right now with something in the green family in 2010.” Jerry Dugan, Columbia, OH

“My favorite is teal. For 2010, Lavender and pinks.” Paul Lombardi, Fort Lauderdale, FL

“All reds in 2009! Purple in 2010.” Lori Conway, Orange County, CA

“I can’t really decide. For 2009 I see lots of blacks, grays, silvers, along with purples, and blues. For 2010 I believe we will see permutations of those hues with more pinks, rose, apple, cinnamons and world spices like curry.” Dick Gentry, Denver, CO

“Purple is my favorite at the moment.” Lucy Segura, Littleton, CO

Wes Comrade - Merlot, Wes Grandeur - Golden Mocha, Silktesse - Montana

“My favorite for as long as I can remember is purple. Second is royal blue.” Steve Beard, Jackson, MS

“Lavender. 2010, muted yellows. Yellow sparks life, new growth and hope.” Therese Aprile, Phoenix, AZ

"Where's all the black and silver Dick was talking about?" Marla Gentry, Denver, CO

“Man, that’s hard because I love color! I’d have to say lime and coral are my top right now. For next year I would keep those two but add yellow.” Paula Hillman, Houston, TX

“Lime green and metallics.” Katrina Brossia, Loveland, CO

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