Thursday, September 17, 2009

Croatian Discovery

On our British airways flight from Dubrovnik, Sir Roger Moore, yes that Roger Moore from James Bond fame, came down the aisle with a bag asking for spare Kuna. He is the Goodwill Ambassador for UNICEF. British Airways donates the money collected to the children’s fund. I’m getting ahead of myself. Marla and I have employees from Croatia, Bosnia, & Macedonia at Wesco Fabrics. Dusko, who is from Croatia, loaned me a DVD on the Dalmatian Coast. One viewing and I was hooked! We had to be in Brussels for a textile fair (next blog) so we stopped in Croatia on the way.

Split, Croatia

Our Croatian journey began in Split, the largest city on the Dalmatian Coast. The Roman Emperor Diocletian built an amazing “retirement” palace in AD 293. Our hotel was inside the palace walls, next to the ancient vestibule.

Marla at the “Peristyle” or ancient palace courtyard.

The ancient palace “vestibule with the cathedral of St. Duje (formerly Emperor Diocletian’s mausoleum) peaking out above.

Emperor Diocletian’s palace guard. The tourists love this stuff.

Hvar Town on the island of Hvar.

We took an hour long ferry from Split to the idyllic Island of Hvar. Hvar is definitely on the “hot” list for world travelers. It can be very old fashioned one moment, sexy and trendy the next. In some ways Hvar Town reminds me of St. Tropez 30 years ago.

The Bay in front of the Amfora Hotel. Clear water and protected bays lure yachts from around the world. One evening while returning to our hotel from dinner, we saw a 60 meter mega yacht blaring a DJ dance mix from what must have been gigantic speakers. I think they had the volume turned to “11.”

A Hvar model shoot.

The Hula Hula Bar Along with the bar “Carpe Diem”, The “Hula Hula Bar” is one of Hvar’s hot spots. Check out the guy with the Indian outfit dancing on the bar. (I always bring one along when I travel as you never know when you might need it.) Watch this YouTube video for a sense of the scene:

A gorgeous bay about a mile from the old city of Dubrovnik. A four hour drive south of Split, Dubrovnik is a gorgeous city and a world heritage site. You drive through 10 kilometers of Bosnia on the way.

Beautiful alleys in Dubrovnik’s old town. "These are steep steps."

Old monastery and church in Dubrovnik. Medieval cloisters.

Beautiful old painted doors.

Time for a Croatian beer and lunch after visiting the second oldest synagogue in Europe.

This graffiti caught my eye in Dubrovnik. This will relate to a punk band we caught later in the week in Brussels (next blog). Yeah, I know we are way too old for this stuff, but it’s fun!

A glistening Adriatic Sea and forested cliffs can be seen just outside Dubrovnik’s fortified walls.


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  1. Wow, I need to go NOW! But in the meantime it was nice having a virtual vacation through you. ;)

    I have friends who are from Solvenia and it looks very similar....

    Sooo did you swim out to the yacht blasting the music to party with them? ;)