Wednesday, October 21, 2009

The Most Beautiful Trail I've ever taken

I was raised by a family of green thumbs. On weekend drives in the country my grandmother would know every California wildflower in sight! As a little boy I would spend time in my grandfather’s greenhouse filled with orchids and exotic plants and pretend I was in the jungle looking for gorillas. I loved visiting San Francisco’s Victorian era Conservatory of Flowers in Golden Gate Park. It was a wonderful place I would never forget. Some of our most talented relatives could plant a pine cone and a week later they would almost have a giant sequoia on their hands! Though sadly I do not have this gift we usually have orchids in bloom at home thanks to Marla’s care.

While visiting the Big Island a few weeks ago we stopped by the Akaka Falls State Park near Hilo. For many years I would whizz by this exit on our way to Kona, never stopping. I am so glad we did on this trip! I really am trying to slow down (a bit difficult for a hyper person like me) and be more in the moment rather than just buzzing from one place or another. This is a special place for savoring many visual delights. Please join me.

The drive to the park passes through the wonderful little town of Homomu.

Bamboo orchid.

Surprises are in store with every bend in the trail.

Can I live here?

My niece and her husband from the isle of Guernsey just about wore out their cameras!

White ginger flowers.

Incredible pink hues!

Giant bamboo.

White ginger and torch ginger.

We could hear the sounds of Akaka Falls and then rounding a bend we saw it!

442 feet of majesty. Truly beautiful in it’s rainforest setting.

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