Thursday, January 14, 2010

Alive and Kicking

I walked out of 2009, or should I say, hopped on crutches, into 2010. It was a noisy year and at times deafening. We had screamers, incivility, polarization, wars, troop build-ups, narcissism, Wall Street meltdowns, scandalous affairs, teabaggers, unemployment, the blame game, and big, far-reaching political agendas. If you didn't know better, it could sound just like the 19th century. Things change but many things remain the same. New decade, here we go!

Marla and I had our share of sleepless nights dealing with Wesco Fabrics issues. Like many people the past few years have been pretty rough on businesses. Necessity is the mother of invention. In times of a challenging economy there can be surprisingly creative moments. We looked at every process, every product, and even analyzed every customer. We enter the new decade realistic, focused on positive change, energized and passionate about where we need to go. As Wesco enters its seventh decade, we may have a scratch or two from the past couple of years, but business is improving!

Marla's parents, Joline & Harry Weiss, founded Wesco Fabrics just after World War II. They had their times of challenge as well. It's great to be Alive & kicking!

I personally had a great year! There is nothing better than to be on this amazing journey with people you love. I am blessed for sure! The best memories of 2009 are wonderful moments with Marla, our children and grandchildren. Let me open my 2009 scrapbook and share a little with you.


Quiet moments with my wife, often doing anything.

My mother's three parties for her 90th birthday. We had one in Denver, Hilo Hawaii and in the San Francisco Bay area.

Discovering India for the first time and taking part in the Holi Festival.

Traveling to a new island: Hvar in Croatia.

My grandsons' birthday parties.

Having the mahout in Koh Samui tell me, "Get on the elephant's head and take charge."

Best climbs: Alpe d'Huez during this year's Tour de France. Of course,"Highgrade," outside of Denver.

Best dinner: Our house.

Best wine: Our house, followed by a vintage Cornas at Kathy & Phillipe's Paris apartment.

Favorite concert: Madonna.

Favorite movies: Bright Star, 500 Days of Summer, Up In the Air, Sherlock Holmes.

Favorite music: The Killers, Arctic Monkeys, Sia with Zero 7, Ne-Yo, rediscovering Michael Jackson's songs.

Favorite muse: Marla.

Favorite adventure: the hunt for beautiful fabrics, exotic furniture and accessories for our business.

Favorite business trips: Traveling with our Wesco Fabrics customers to exciting and exotic destinations. I love sharing unique and special destinations with our friends. We should probably write a book!

May your New Year and New Decade be happy, healthy, and a wonderful adventure.

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