Thursday, February 25, 2010


“Pan statue high above Positano on the Amalfi coast.”

Blue is a very powerful color worldwide and conveys both happy and sometimes even sad meanings. I LOVE blue! Most people like some shade of blue. It can be calming or supercharged with emotions. We enjoy a brilliant blue sky or the deep blue of the ocean. Blue can be powerful , as in a policeman’s uniform, or regal, as with the royal blue clothing of a king in times past. Someone can be “true blue” or receive a “blue ribbon.” On the flip side we can listen to the”blues” played by a musician like Miles Davis or in a song by Billie Holiday. We can “feel blue” at certain moments as well.

I have many favorite blues in my visual lexicon, like the view of the deep blue bay in front of the jewel-box town of Positano on the Amalfi Coast. Let me share some pictures with you.

Marla relishes the sight of the sparkling blue Adriatic Sea near Dubrovnik.

The blue Mekong River meanders by Phnom Penh, Cambodia.

We addressed the many requests from our customers coast to coast by adding more blues to our line. This is Wes Saint Simons, color Azure, from the new Spring 2010 collection.

We’ve received a lot of positive early feedback on our Suzani inspired print, Wes Pompano, color Azure.

Wes Bay Club, color Porcelain, is a new blue embroidery on cotton.

The insects of spring are flying around on our new cotton embroidered print, Wes Buzz Word, color Blue Sky.

I love the turquoise blue of Marla’s blouse, from the Balinese fashion designer, Paul Ropp.

Three young mahouts in training rest by the rivers edge in Northern Thailand. The deep indigo blue of their shirt and pants is symbolic of their new profession.

A Balinese man in a deep blue shirt awaits the start of a cremation ceremony for an important village elder in Kedewatan, near Ubud.

I’m wearing one of my favorite blue polo shirts at dinner with Marla and interior designers in Cannes, France.

I used to love wandering around small lanes and byways while visiting my sister on the Isle of Guernsey. Many of the cottages have names instead of house numbers. I love the blue door on this 19th century home near Saint Peter Port.

One of my very favorite parts of France is Lac Annecy. The lake is one of the purest in Europe as it is fed by alpine streams from the neighboring mountains. The lake’s shade of blue is absolutely gorgeous.

My good friend Philippe looks very stylish in this blue linen shirt. Apart from being an accomplished attorney in Paris, he is quite competent at pouring Champagne.

Now this is a great shade of blue! The Duchess of Windsor bought this Panther Clip Brooch from Cartier Paris, in 1949. The 152.35-carat Kashmir sapphire cabochon makes a striking statement.


  1. OOooh you have some GREAT inspirations in these photos... you will come up with FABness I'm sure!

  2. I wondered who snuck in and stole my life!
    Fabulous visuals!
    Looking forward to following your entries....
    Lisa in Loveland

  3. Great post & inspirational shots Dick!! What a great job you have!:-)

  4. Love the new BLUE fabric's and the location!!!


  5. Wow Dick!

    I LOVED this post on blue! You have some great fabric choices too. Especially liked the photo of Lac Annecy in France!

  6. Wow -- you've made me think about blue in a new way -- I adore the jewel, the indigo from Thailand, and the shades of the different bodies of water. They give more meaning to your fabrics now that we know the inspiration. Way to go!

  7. I absolutely love blue, too! And the bigger & bolder the pattern, the better. Thanks for sharing these new fabrics and the inspirations behind them. I'm really drawn to the Wes Pompano & Wes Saint Simons. When will these be available on the site?