Wednesday, February 10, 2010


Red is THE color for valentines, passion, and strong emotions. Red often means “Stop,” but for me it is a “Go” color, throbbing with high energy.

Red is Marla’s favorite color. During the Las Vegas furniture market last week we looked at the wonderful decorations set up for the Chinese New Year at the Bellagio Hotel. The hanging red lanterns were beautiful.

There is nothing better to symbolize love at Valentine’s Day than Roses.

One of my favorite colors is Ferrari Red. There was this guy in my econometrics class in college that drove a red Ferrari. He parked it right in front of the classroom. There were a few days I was late to class because I spent so much time just staring at it. Is red the color of envy?

Temptation. The turtle really, really wants the fireman’s bright red lollipop!

The little red dress sizzles! It does help if Charlize Theron is wearing it!

Classic red nail polish is the best.

Wesco Fabrics carries the Bradington Young custom furniture line in our Denver Design center showroom. The red leather sofa makes a dramatic statement.

That’s one very hot red purse.

The red sunset casts a magical spell.

A young monk in red-orange robes with his alms bowl in Bago, Burma.

This boat owner has a strong sense of color!

Lori Conway, our Southern California sales person, looks great wearing red in Bali. In the background is Kathy Greaser, Wesco’s National Sales Manager.

Steve Beard, Wesco’s Southern States salesperson, looks very happy next to interior designers from Colorado & Louisiana in Cannes, France.
With that red shirt the guy is a total “chick magnet.” I’ve got to get one of those!

Marla and I were in Bali during their New Year which they call Nyepi. Villagers build giant demon statues called “Ogoh-ogoh” which are paraded and then burned to vanquish negative spirits. They believe this ceremony helps to create balance with God, mankind, and nature.

We rode elephants through the jungle to a Lisu hilltribe village in Northern Thailand. The child looks very regal in her red top.

Balinese school children returning home in their red & white uniforms.

Marla and I like to attend Sunday services at the Glide Memorial Church when visiting San Francisco. It’s always an inspiring and elevating experience for us. I took this picture last Sunday of the Glide’s famous founder, Reverend Cecil Williams. He makes quite a statement with his red shirt. He is pictured next to his wife, Janice Mirikitani. She was once San Francisco’s poet laureate. Will Smith’s movie, The Pursuit of Happiness, was filmed at the Glide.

Marla and I will host a great Wesco Fabrics sales incentive trip to San Francisco & Napa Valley in June 2011. Our customers have all of 2010 to qualify. We will take interested persons to the Glide! Our Platinum level trip will be to Positano & the Amalfi Coast in September 2011. Sign up for our sales trips with Judy Schlachet , 1-800-950-9372, 303-388-4101, or


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