Monday, February 1, 2010


Marla and I traveled to Rome for a short break before going to the Heimtex textile fair. We chose the Hotel Piranesi on the Via del Babuino as our base. The hotel was very charming and in a great neighborhood a block from the Piazza de Popolo. We were in a “slow trav” mood, leisurely exploring the area, checking out the style buzz and boutique window displays.

During lunch at AL 34, on the little via Mario de’ Fiori, we noticed that almost everyone was wearing purple from sweaters and scarves to the ubiquitous shiny quilted parkas. On the street I spotted a guy sporting a pair of deep purple suede wingtips! I tried to catch up with him to find out where he bought them, but my crutches were in a low gear. Marla thought they would be perfect for an R & B group, but I loved them!

There was a definite love affair with purple! A friend of ours, an interior designer in Steamboat Springs, Colorado, mentioned the same thing during her summer trip to Venice and Tuscany. She sent me a purple tie which I love!

We discovered “Tad”, an incredibly exciting concept boutique combining designer apparel, floral design, a beauty salon, furniture, accessories, art, textiles, and even a small cafĂ©. Totally hip! The store really blew us away! Check out their website:

Some of Tad’s collection. Wouldn’t that dress be perfect to wear to your next heavy metal concert?

Tad has a wonderful array of unusual accessories. The chair with the photo imprint on leather was very cool!

Trendy neighborhood boutique.

Elegant malachite table!

Wonderful modern mix. Loved the rhino paintings!

Sometimes your Palazzo calls for something grand!

“Save the Queen” is a very trendy boutique featuring inspiring fashion. Check out their great website:

(Slide the bottom tool bar to the right and click on collections.)

The Via Margutta offers wonderful surprises. I was intrigued by this home furnishing boutique with their unusual mix of design and colors. One of my favorite movie directors, Federico Fellini, lived on this street.

Very high end luxury fabric store.

Even the lighting cast a purple glow!

January is “sale” month in Italy. Shoppers were out in force on the very fashionable Via Condotti looking for high end bargains. Isn’t that an oxymoron?

Louis Vuitton store window on the Via Condotti.

The stairs leading to the second floor of Louis Vuitton change colors every few seconds.

The iconic “Kelly” bag in the Hermes window. I can’t believe how expensive they are!

Colorful display at Miu Miu.

We had to visit the wonderful Vatican Museum. Marla almost lost me on a steep wheelchair ramp in the Sistine Chapel.



  1. Dick: My sister and I toured Spain, France and Italy this past summer and made the same observation. Purple, in all its many hues and variations, was in full force. We emailed our friends at home to let them know that purple is coming their way soon. We really enjoyed the window shopping, especially since here in suburban US there is so little left. Loved seeing your shopping venues. Again, I wish we could have connected. Perhaps I will have to do the German leg of Deb's tour next year.


  2. Dick:

    My sister and I toured France Italy and Spain this past summer and made the same color observations. Purple and all its wonderful variations of hue and intensity were everywhere. We loved the window shopping of the cities, especially since here in suburbia it is nearly extinct.
    Enjoyed your post. Sorry that we did not connect on the Decor 2010 tour with Deb. Perhaps I will do the German leg of the trip next year. Paris was fabulous though!
    Sarah Youngblood