Wednesday, March 10, 2010


“Little Man Ice Cream” shop in Denver’s historic Highland’s neighborhood.

On a recent Sunday afternoon I told my grandson that we should go out for a drive and take some pictures of interesting houses. He said “Papa, that sounds good, but we need to have an ice cream too.” I remembered the days when I was 8 years old. It seemed ice cream almost always factored in our trips. It was a cold and gray winter day, but we got our cameras and headed out. Our first stop was in the historic Highland’s neighborhood, located in northwest Denver. The Little Man Ice cream store on West 30th was our first stop. With an ice cream cone in one hand and our cameras in another, it was time to snap a few shots of interesting sites.

The Highland’s pedestrian bridge crosses the interstate and connects with downtown Denver.

The light was poor for photography but we snapped away in the neighborhood. This is a turn-of-the century Methodist church on West 30th Avenue.

Marla and I love the authentic French fare at Z Cuisine and A Cote next door on West 30th Avenue.

Across the street from Z Cuisine are a few beautifully restored late 19th century buildings.

A purple house? Every city has their purples houses, and we have ours. I think this block has some great character!

This beautiful historic residence in Potter Highlands is close to my favorite Mexican restaurant in Denver, Taqueria Patzcuaro.

We headed south and ventured into areas near the Denver Country Club. There are a number of very interesting homes both north and south of the country club. I have always admired this home built for Ella Weckbaugh in 1933. The upstairs landing has four Tiffany windows depicting the seasons.

There are a number of beautiful historical homes on Circle Drive in the Cherry Creek neighborhood.

The stately Phipps Mansion in the Belcaro neighborhood was built in 1932. The 33,000 square foot Georgian styled mansion was built during the height of the Great Depression. The home was given to the University of Denver in 1961. It is now used for meetings and special events.

I particularly like this contemporary residence. The use of copper is very dramatic.

Paxton had never shot digital images before. It was fun to see what he chose to shoot. This is downtown Denver.

He liked his shot of two ladies.

I think he has a flair for architecture. He took this from the backseat.

The photographer taking a picture of the photographer.

I like what he did with this picture of the freeway, sky, and the yellow statue in front of the Denver Design District.

Every artist takes a self portrait.

I will always cherish that afternoon with my grandson. I have loved photography my whole life, and it looks like someone else in the family feels the passion as well.

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