Thursday, May 20, 2010


Lori Conway in Bali.

What makes a fabulous sales person? We encounter sales people almost everyday. Some are unique and memorable. The very best sales professionals are friendly and likable. They innately know how to solve your problems with ideas and great products. They have the answers you need or know the right people that do. They don’t waste your time. The very best sales pros help you fall in love with their products, and that isn’t easy! They are tech savvy and willing to train you on time-saving tools and applications. You can feel the sincere passion about their company and product. For good measure I will throw in honesty, character, and follow through.

I’ve had the honor of working with Lori Conway for over 30 years. She exemplifies all the above and much more! She is definitely a SoCal gal, carrying Wesco Fabrics from Santa Barbara to San Diego. Lori is the sales pro poster child!

Lori with Kathy Greaser, our National Sales Manager, in Bali.

Lori has been on a number of our Wesco Fabrics incentive trips, including Bali and Cannes. Our Wesco reps get to go with us if they have three of their customers qualify. She definitely has Positano & the Amalfi Coast in her sights!

Lori checks out the mega yachts during the Cannes boat show.

“I can’t believe my customers are such party animals!”

I love my customers!

Lori fell in love with a new silk novelty sheer at our 1998 Laguna Beach sales meeting.

I raise my glass and toast all great sales professionals!

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  1. Hi Dick, how great to honor a great salesperson on your team!! Lori deserves it! I adore your fabrics of course!

    Art by Karena