Thursday, June 3, 2010

42 Years

I cannot believe I am celebrating 42 years with Wesco Fabrics! I took a page out of one of my college business classes and “married the boss’ daughter.” It definitely wasn’t a picnic as Marla’s parents were old school tough. Years ago I remember leaving the office at 5:00 p.m. and my father-in-law asked me if I was sick. It is amazing how fast the time has passed. Today, Marla and I run the company like her parents did many years previous. Marla actually started working at 7 years old putting together Wesco Fabrics catalogs in our old Larimer Street warehouse. She started back at Wesco 21 years ago and today is our president. She inherited great financial sense just like her dad.

Joline & Harry Weiss started Wesco Fabrics in 1946. I love those mid-century prints!

We travel way back in the day at one of our sales meetings. Our southern California salesperson, Lori Conway, is in the middle. Don’t laugh at my shorts!

There were many tough moments as our company transitioned to the second generation. I was doing too many jobs and failing at many of them.

Early days in New York shopping for fabrics. I’m trying to pound out a deal with one of our suppliers.

Steve Beard, our Southern States sales pro, joined Marla and I at a French fabric mill at Heimtex.

Marla and I, along with our daughter Lisa in the red dress, watch a choreographed fabric line showing at our 50th anniversary party in Denver.

Line showings have always been one of my favorite activities. This is a presentation from way back!

I’m getting a little theatrical at a sales meeting in Vail.

This was probably the toughest group I have ever shown our fabric line to. It must have been a bear market.

Jo Ann Brezette came out for one of our sales meetings.

I am still passionate about editing and developing our decorative fabric lines.

There is nothing more fun than searching for exotic and unique products for our showroom at the Denver Design District.

Marla and I love traveling the world with our customers and friends! I’m chilling with Bonnie and Paula on Koh Samui in Thailand last year.

It may sound crazy but I am still nuts about this business. It can be difficult and stressful but I am truly blessed to partner with Marla on the journey! Next week I’ll share pictures of our Wesco Fabrics incentive trip to Bali.


  1. Thanks Dick, for sharing this synopsis of your 42 years! It is so informative that I want to open up an account and sell your fabrics!
    I especially LOVE that mid century print too! Any chance of getting that reprinted perhaps?

  2. Absolutely fabulous! Thanks so much for sharing. Love it!