Thursday, June 17, 2010

Time to go to Bali

In 1995 Marla and I found ourselves in the hamlet of Sebatu in the foothills of Bali to buy furniture. Through a bit of serendipity we started importing furniture & accessories from Bali for our Wesco Fabrics’ showrooms. Today, and over 50 containers later, we still explore dusty roads, workshops, and marketplaces, of Indonesia and Southeast Asia for unusual & unique products that excite the senses.

In May we returned to Bali to start our hunt for great stuff. It’s time to go to work.

There are more temples in Bali than any place on earth! This is the temple at our hotel in Legian. It is 6:00 A.M. and time for a quick walk on the beach before breakfast. Early mornings are our favorite.

Each stop during our day is an adventure. We may find absolutely nothing or an incredible treasure may surface awaiting discovery.

We spent hours in a steamy hot workshop picking out slabs for dining tables.

This suar wood table is twelve feet long.

We had to have these modern suar wood tables.

Time for a quick break while we tally our order.

This is an old wooden boat from the island of Madura that was converted to a unusual bench.

A vendor’s son followed us with great curiosity.

We bought a number of these Chinese Chippendale tables with hand carved and pierced fretwork.

Some of the stone carvings we bought are 7 feet tall and very heavy!

Designers love petrified wood tables. We bought a wonderful selection in various colors and sizes. Each piece weighs between 90 to over 300 pounds!

Up rickety stairs in an attic we found old hand carved teak panels from Madura.

I had to have this color.

This pedestal table is carved out of a solid block of tamarind wood.

A console table is constructed from old bed carvings from Madura.

A teak side table is carved with the face of a man.

The Balinese are expert using old carvings from Java and Madura in repurposed furniture.

Now the negotiations begin!

Our customers are arriving from the U.S. It is time to put on our tour host hats.

Join GentryConnects next week as we tour Bali with our Wesco Fabrics’ customers and friends. We dodge pesky monkeys, hike jungle tracks, dine on wonderful cuisine, swim in a sacred healing pond, and experience the wonder of Bali.

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