Thursday, August 19, 2010

Bali Redux

Marla and I saw “Eat Pray Love”, and we really loved it! Julia Roberts was the perfect Elizabeth Gilbert. Javier Bardem, and Billy Crudup were nicely cast as well. Richard Jenkins, as “Richard from Texas,” nailed his role. The real “Richard” from the book passed away last year. A musician from Jakarta played “Ketut Liyer”, and he was wonderful! Ketut, in real life is north of 90, was recently hospitalized for exhaustion. We met fabulous Ketut and Marla had her fortune told a few years ago!

The real Ketut Liyer. His family compound was used in the movie.

Two Balinese containers of wonderful exotic furniture, artifacts, stone & wood carvings, jewelry, and fantastic petrified wood tables, are arriving the end of September. Please come to the special Wesco Fabrics’ warehouse sale. Our exclusive sale to designers only is October 6 & 7, and our public clearance sale is October 8 & 9. We will feature thousands of beautiful decorative fabrics at deep discounts along with furniture & accessories! October is gorgeous in October. If you come, I’ll treat you to lunch!

A Balinese dancer mesmerizes his audience with the haunting music of a gamelan orchestra in the background.

A family prays at a Balinese temple. The primary religion is a form of Bali Hindu.

Our group was invited to attend a cremation ceremony for the headman from the village of Kedewatan near Ubud.

Marla, appropriately dressed in a sarong, enters a temple.

Carved masks on a wall in the village of Tenganan.

A family rooster guards the door.

The less touristy part of the Ubud market.

Workers in the rice fields in the Bali highlands.

Another amazing sunset at the Tanah Lot temple.

***Click on the link below for a nice YouTube video of new music and great Bali images. Many pictures are from the superb Blair brothers’ documentary, “Ring of Fire.”

Bali is expecting a big uptick in future visitors because of the film. This magical isle is very special as we have traveled there for business every year since 1995. Marla and I have hosted three Bali tours for Wesco Fabrics customers and friends over the years. We originally thought we would not do another Wesco Fabrics Bali trip but if the demand is there we may do it again. We have spent years discovering the hidden Bali that many visitors miss. It truly is one of the most amazing cultures on the planet.

Hope to see you in October!


  1. Hi Dick,

    I can totally relate to the rooster guarding the house! We had a pet rooster growing up named Bird Bird and he was a guard rooster. He even slept with us on our pillow. He had the UPS guy freaked out more about him than our German Shephard dog!
    The driver told my dad he didn't mind the dog, it was that crazy rooster because Bird Bird would chase him.

  2. Read the book, looking forward to seeing the movie. Many of her discoveries along the way resonated with me.

    Thanks for the post Dick!