Thursday, August 5, 2010

Training in the Colorado high country

I had a glorious weekend cycling in Summit County, & Vail, Colorado. I love this time of year as the air is fresh, the mountains majestic, and there is a profusion of wildflowers everywhere. There is nothing better for training than riding the wonderful bike trails in the area! I will be cycling for a week in the Piedmont region of Italy next month so I really needed some hard bike miles in the legs. This part of Italy is hilly as it borders the Alps of France & Switzerland.

My first ride was from Dillon up to the old mining town of Montezuma, near Keystone. The final pitch gets pretty steep as you enter the dirt roads of the town at 10,312’. The town still has about 50 full-time residents.

My son-in-law and I set off for a tough ride from Dillon to Vail. We passed beautiful Dillon Lake which is 9017’ high. You enter the Vail pass bike trail outside of Frisco. The Mountain pine beetle has sadly killed many of the Lodgepole pines in the area.

Gore Creek near Vail is full of mountain run-off.

I felt the altitude and the grade as we approached the top of the pass.

There is nothing better than summiting the pass and the long descent into the town of Vail below.

Vail was full of tourists from around the world.

My cycling coach, Marla Gentry, met me in Vail. I was going to do the return ride back up the pass and back to Dillon, but it started to rain. I’ll save that for another day.

Please come to Colorado and enjoy our great scenery! We would love to take you for a tour of our Wesco Fabrics’ headquarters in Denver. I hope you all are enjoying the summer.

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  1. what a great reason to come out to your neck of the woods: a tour of the facilities! My cousin mountainbikes out in Vail so it reminded me of what he posted on Facebook recently.