Thursday, September 2, 2010

The Joys of Summer

I have so many fond memories this summer. Watching my children and my grandchildren progress on this incredible journey has been wonderful. I’m transported to my own childhood in California; lazy, warm days, playing on the grass, asking my mother, “What is for dessert?”, hikes in the hills, and special days when we could go to a swimming pool. The metal car above is just like one my grandfather gave me many years ago. It’s a time of simple pleasures and to be savored to the max!

An Olympic size inflatable pool at my daughter’s home in Dallas. It was 104 degrees with humidity when we babysat for 15 days!

We have a serious building project going on here. Hardhats only!

Marla is trying to get these guys in a little shape!

I can do this!

I could do this ALL day!

“Why is it ALWAYS adult swim?”

Saturday morning in Boulder.

Breakfast at the historic dining hall of Chautaqua.

Time for a little hike.

This looks interesting!

Marla and the girls on the way to a big birthday celebration.

The son-in-laws took good care of my mom!

The best part of summer is eating outside and watching a sunset. My mom will be 91 in November!

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