Thursday, October 28, 2010

Barre Scene

I attended a celebration for Colorado Ballet’s 50th anniversary. Founded in 1960 by Lillian Covillo and Friedann Parker, they fulfilled a dream of world-class dance in Denver. Their passion, courage and dedication helped propel Colorado Ballet onto the cover of Dance Magazine. Today, Colorado ballet has 30 professional dancers from all over the world, including Japan, Russia, Estonia, Cuba, Canada, France, and a budget of over $6,000,000 a year. I was vice president of the board of directors many years ago. Marla and I even took jazz classes from Friedann Parker. My jetes were sadly lacking but I fondly remember Friedann’s enthusiasm and patience for someone like me.

This is an early picture of Friedann Parker at Red Rocks, west of Denver.

Maria Mosina and Igor Vassine are fantastic dancers in the company.

Chandra Kuyendall and Alexei Tyukov are among Colorado Ballet’s stunning principal dancers.

The Nutcracker is the company’s biggest moneymaker and a Holiday tradition. Our daughter performed as one of the mice in years past.

Alexei Tyukov rehearsing “Swan Lake.”

This is NOT me!

I have always admired the world of dance from not only an aesthetic level but from an athletic perspective. Dancers, like professional athletes in the world of competitive sports, have a limited life on public stage. Hour upon hour of practice and rehearsal, definitely take their toll on the dancer’s body. Injuries are very common. I admire the dedication and passion as they pursue their beautiful dreams.

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