Thursday, November 18, 2010

A Thanksgiving card...thanks & gratitude

I have a myriad of things to be thankful and grateful for this fall season. My first thought is for my wife who has been my loving guide, beacon of sanity, and accomplice on this long, windy road all these years. She is the one!

FAMILY! That about says it all! Thank you for your patience, kindness, and spirit.

The boys! What is it about grandchildren? Just looking at these images make me smile about summer past and summer in the future.

I am so thankful to have such a great mom! She loves her HBO and reading Vanity Fair. Mom is our family’s first Progressive and very proud of it. (She says she felt great pleasure canceling out my dad’s ultra conservative vote!) She still dishes out lots of advice. When you are 91, you should be able to do what you darn please!

I was amazed how seldom I heard anything about our troops in Afghanistan & Iraq during this past mid-term election. These brave men and women have been asked to do so much. These heroes and heroines deserve and need our support there and when they return home. It is a lonely fight.

I am very thankful to have a job! The times have tested all of us. Sometimes it has been a difficult slog, but I believe we are seeing sunlight again! Tenacity is everything!

Don’t listen to anyone who says rules and business regulations are a bad thing. The seeds of depression are sewn during prosperity. Just remember how we got here!

I am so thankful to still be able to do creative things. I’m even more thankful when customers like what we do!

I am blessed to have a partner, who is also my wife, travel the adventurous road with me, just to find the perfect antique table, wood carving, or a beautiful decorative fabric.

I am thankful to still have a sense of humor, especially after this past election cycle!

The body may be older but I am thankful to still ride my bike. I love the high country roads.

Sunsets! This is when I relish in the joy of being alive at this particular moment.

May your Thanksgiving be blissful and happy!

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