Thursday, December 2, 2010

Glam Factor...On the window or furniture, or wear it beautifully!

Kellie Burke Interiors, a Wesco Fabrics’ customer in West Hartford, Connecticut, designs incredibly beautiful interiors around the country. Her newest endeavor is creating really eye catching jackets with colorful designer fabrics. Kellie’s design label custom jackets sell from $600 to $1,500 in her studio. She caused a bit of a stir around Wesco Fabrics as she used a number of our fabrics. They are gorgeous!

Kellie is ready for the night in a custom jacket made from our Wes Disco Lights, Silver Black. Hundreds of silver and black metallic strips were sewn together on this very exotic textile. I sourced it from a supplier that primarily supplies the couture industry. It is definitely an attention getter!

The fabric on this jacket is our Wes Antiquity, Rosewood. It is a printed pane’ velvet that is soft and luxuriant!

Sophistication is the key with this silver and black jacket. It looks great for day or evening! The fabric is Wes Monticello, Acadia. The medallions are printed with silver metallic and black flocking. Very nice indeed!

***We love seeing all the wonderfully creative design work being done by our customers today! If you have any exciting new creations you would like to share, please send your images to Check out Kellie’s website at Her work is inspiring for anyone in the creative arena!

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  1. Thanks for sharing... fun stuff! I've thought about doing the same as a way to show off the beautiful decorating fabrics. Would love to see more product info. on Wesco Fabrics in your communications.

    Ragan Corliss