Thursday, January 20, 2011

The world's largest textile show...Heimtex 2011

Where do you go to see the largest textile fair in the world? There is only one place; Frankfurt’s Heimtextil! 73,000 visitors from 136 countries came to see this always stimulating and amazing show. 2601 exhibitors from 60 countries displayed everything including decorative textiles, wall coverings, carpet, decorative hardware, and decorative shades. Heimtextil is one of Wesco Fabrics most important sourcing trade fairs, and the trends and visual energy are a giant plus! I usually dislike Frankfurt’s January weather, but we lucked out with just a little rain and a little cold temperature.

England’s LSN Global created the central trend themes for this year’s show. Their creative themes included SOBRIETY, MIX MASH, UTILITY, & WILDERNESS. I enjoy trend presentations, but after many years of attending the show I have a critical view. There are oodles of often conflicting future trend forecasts from many competing companies, bloggers, and trend mavens. Many are stimulating, but lack real world practicality and relevance. In the trend hall the forecast team hung hundreds of ropes to reinforce their themes. The smell was so strong it was difficult to enjoy the space. The organizers said it was planned that way. I am not so sure.

The colors shown by this booth were very popular at the show. It is easy to come away from Heimtextil with a severe case of visual overload! I do my best to quantify the times I see certain colors displayed throughout Heimtextil to get a sense of future color importance. Most of the new color combinations will not be offered by decorative wholesalers, stores, and home furnishing products for at least 6 months. We are all working very far out in our product development cycles. Wesco Fabrics hasn’t even presented our latest spring collection, yet I am working on new fabrics for fall.

I love the vibrancy of this exhibit from Turkey’s Vanelli.

Marla and I observed variations of the color raspberry as the overwhelmingly most predominate color theme. We saw the beginnings of this at last year’s show and its ascendance and importance continues. The whole gamut of grays and blacks is very important often mixed with raspberry, greens, and blues. Though orange was seen on fall’s fashion runways, I was surprised to see the lack of it this year at Heimtextil. I was very excited to see the amazing textures and constructions shown by a number of decorative Turkish mills. Many of the designs were very complicated and unique!

While in Barcelona scouting the Wesco Fabrics 2011 sales incentive trip, Marla bought a raspberry colored sweater. Of course we had to source new fabrics in the same hue! Here is a sneak peak of something new for fall 2011. I love it!

Here is another tantalizing peek at one of our new beauties for fall! I started developing this from a textile fair last fall in Belgium. The colors are totally on trend!

***Take a look at the Heimtextil video for a great snapshot of the fair. Once in the site click on the video link on the right hand side, “Review Heimtextil Trend 2010/11.”

For next week’s GentryConnects I will talk about startling new price developments for silks and other commodities that affect our industry.

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  1. ok Dick,

    You have my attention with the fabric Marla is holding up! That is my office colors and as soon as you make it available, I'm getting it and creating something fantastic as well as using it for wall upholstery on my one wall. Hurry up!

    This is what I love about Wesco. You source great fabrics from shows like these and are cutting edge even if this market is 2 yrs behind the times! :)