Thursday, February 10, 2011

My Secret Valentine

On my dream Valentine’s Day I want to send cards to all that are very special to me. I would like to send my family colorful boxes filled with delicious chocolates, beautiful flowers, and cards filled with loving thoughts. Friends and associates would get cards, as everyone likes to be remembered on Valentine’s Day.

I have a not so secret Valentine who is dear to my heart. I would like to shower this person with flowers.

I would sit under a tree of heart shaped leaves and recite love poems. I would dwell in the ambrosia of the moment.

The special someone in my life knows that she is my not so secret Valentine. She is my life guide, muse, loving friend, and fellow adventurer on this worldly path.

Our journeys together have opened secret doors that were once hidden.

The lyrics from Leon Russell’s ‘A song for you” hold a special place for me, especially on Valentine’s Day

“I love you in a place

Where there’s no space or time

I love you for all my life

You are a friend of mine.”

Donny Hathaway sings an incredible cover of this song. Please click on the YouTube video:

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