Thursday, March 31, 2011

Boulder Rocks!

What is it about Boulder, Colorado? There is something quintessentially unique about this city tucked up next to the Rocky Mountain’s Front Range. Only 35 minutes from my office at Wesco Fabrics, Boulder seduces with charm and beauty. Is it a magical and potent power spot of energy? Is it a place to heal the body, enlighten the mind, and increase creativity? It’s all of these qualities and more. Boulder is a magnet for the young and old seeking a cool vibe and an outdoor oriented lifestyle. Freaks, Foodies, academics, artists, and world-class athletes find Boulder particularly to their liking. It has been called the “Berkeley of the Rockies” and is definitely the most liberal and Democratic city in Colorado.

We had tickets on Sunday to hear Elizabeth Gilbert give an afternoon talk about her new book, Committed. The campus of the University of Colorado glowed in the afternoon light. Throngs of Gilbert fans at Macky Auditorium enjoyed her humor and insight. She may never create another blockbuster like “Eat Pray Love,” but she is obviously following her true passions. After the lecture we rushed to George’s house for cocktails.

Dinner with Boulder friends is always a blast! Dinner conversation with this group is always spirited and animated and Boulder restaurants are some of the best in our state! Ed Parent, pictured on the left, joined us for dinner. He specializes in high-end window coverings and interiors for clients around the country. George Lichter, a former Wesco Fabrics’ supplier from New York City and now a Boulder resident, is pictured in the middle. He’s the perfect host and the champagne flowed.

Michael Lichter and his wife joined us for dinner as well. Michael is the most important photographer of motorcycles in the world. His work is in collections from Sturgis to Moscow. He told a great story about a 3:00 AM dinner in a motorcycle collector’s dacha outside of Moscow!

Michael shot this for a commercial client. I probably would not try this stunt!

Boulder’s Pearl Street Mall is a huge favorite of strollers, shoppers, and gawkers, year around.

Pearl Street is not Barcelona’s Ramblas, but it does have its share of entertaining buskers.

Juanita’s Mexican Food on Pearl Street is the place for college kids on a Sunday morning.

A favorite weekend destination is breakfast at the historic Chautauqua Dining Hall and hiking near the famous Boulder Faltirons. Boulder’s Chautauqua began in 1898 when civic leaders and a group Texas schoolteachers joined to create a cultural and educational summer retreat. A number of cabins can be rented. They have many musical concerts in the summer & fall.

Breakfast on the veranda at Chautauqua.

Michael’s wife is from Ireland, so we stopped by Conor O’Neill’s. You easily can be transported to a traditional Dublin pub. On Sundays patrons love having Irish ales while listening to jam sessions.

Dushanbe, Tajikistan, one of Boulder’s sister cities, built a traditional teahouse. Dushanbe Teahouse is now a Boulder landmark.

Top level cyclists, runners, and triathletes from around the world call Boulder their home for high altitude training.

One of my favorite mountain bike rides is to the old ghost town of Gold Hill. The steep and twisting road up from Boulder’s Sunshine Canyon is a challenging ride, but really beautiful and exhilarating. Riders seek a cool liquid reward in Gold Hill’s general store.

I suffer from a little acrophobia, but watching climbers on the Flatirons or in Eldorado Canyon south of Boulder is exciting.

If you have interest in discovering Boulder for a future trip, let me know. People say I am a part-time tour guide, and I enjoy helping with trip ideas.

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