Thursday, April 14, 2011

A budding Collector

I spied my grandson looking at a chest in our home recently. He looked quietly at each piece displayed on top. It was as if he had never seen these objects before, though obviously he had. He reminded me of myself at that age when I would look at my grandparents’ China cabinet. Could this random event be the genesis of a budding “collector?”

This bowl was probably the spark that sent me on a lifetime of collecting. It was a 19th century Satsuma bowl my grandfather purchased in San Francisco. Even as a child this piece fascinated me in a way I could not begin to understand. Being a “collector” is both a blessing and a curse. I cannot count the days spent in the hunt for major and minor treasures of interest over the years. Since editing is not a strong suit, my collections may appear simply as an assemblage of chachkas, or mere triflings displayed to aggravate anyone with a mind to dust. There is a vast amount of research on the psychology of collectors. Suffice it to say I am comfortable in my skin and often feel in a weird, blissful state when my wife says it’s time to dust my “stuff.” I admit loving the story each objet d’art tells about its origin and unique journey.

I am fascinated by Burmese antiques!

The day this picture was taken we purchased a large antique Burmese manuscript chest. Its journey was very long; from Burma to Northern Thailand, and eventually to Denver. A Denver designer just purchased it for her client in Puerto Rico. The journey continues.

I am certain my collecting obsessions have transferred to buying decorative fabrics, furniture and accessories for Wesco Fabrics.

I wonder what kind of cool stuff I can find in this place. “Was that a large rat…or a cat?”

May all your journeys yield wonderful discoveries and treasured memories.

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