Thursday, April 21, 2011

Holi inspiration

I am always scanning for new ideas, thoughts, sounds, and visual stimulus to help supercharge my creative imagination. I love diving into design, fashion, travel magazines, reading novels, listening to diverse music, and seeing museum exhibits. Even dreams play a unique roll in the process. But for me it is travel which produces my highest levels of creative sparks. A trip to India mezmerized us!

I have never visited a country quite like India! There is a constant sensory buzz that is beyond imagination and impossible to prepare for. India’s colorful saris, exotic architecture, and amazingly vibrant culture is something to behold. Can anything top this?

India’s “Holi Festival” is an annual spring religious event unlike anything I have ever witnessed! People celebrate by throwing powders and colored water at each other. It is a happy and joyous time for Indians everywhere.

“Let’s celebrate!”

One of our silk suppliers in New Delhi invited Marla and I to a private Holi party. We dressed in traditional cotton outfits and got psyched for some color throwing.

Let’s have a mud bath! Our friend, Pramod, is definitely getting the Holi mud treatment. Yikes!

This fellow couldn’t be happier.

Even the elephants are decorated for the Holi. I took this picture on a street in Jaipur, Rajasthan. You don’t have to ask whether elephants have the right of way.

An elephant at the Amber Fort in Jaipur.

India remains for some a mystery wrapped in an enigma. If you haven’t been, you must put it high on your dream trip list!

Many of our decorative fabrics at Wesco Fabrics are woven in India. The diversity of styles and colors is really unmatched!

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