Thursday, May 5, 2011

Back to school

The sewing class teacher from Denver’s Morey Middle School contacted Marla about visiting Wesco Fabrics. We thought it was a great idea for not only the students, but our staff as well. Each student chose free fabrics from our discounted area. Our workroom professionals helped them iron the fabrics, cut out and pin the patterns and cut out the fabric. They had a fashion show at school after completing their projects.

“Too many fabrics to choose from!”

“This is exactly what I’ve been looking for.”

The students enjoyed working with our team.

Joanne lent some advice from her 39 years of experience at Wesco.

Ulu is saying to herself, ”I think she’s got it!”

“Who remembers how to do this?”

This embroidered silk will look great as a skirt!

Cutting patterns for their project.

“I know this will really be beautiful.”

What a marvelous sight!

This had special meaning for Marla as her dad, Harry Weiss, attended Morey in 1923. I know he would love knowing the class was visiting the company he founded with his wife in 1946!

The opportunity to work with young students is incredible! I think we received more from the experience than the kids did! The energy and enthusiasm of middle school students is very special! There is something noble about young people learning a craft like sewing. Schools have subordinated the arts and classes that might propel a student toward learning a trade. I love to see young people using their hands to construct something beautiful. It’s time we honored such pursuits. Who knows, we might just find one of these students on a future “Project Runway” or even sewing an incredible artisan window covering at Wesco Fabrics someday!

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