Thursday, May 26, 2011

Dick cried at the warehouse sale

It never fails. At every Wesco Fabrics’ warehouse designer & public sale I almost start crying. I’ll see a customer buying an incredible embroidered silk for $6 that once sold for over $150 retail! Every fabric has it’s day in the sun but sometimes must move aside so we can add something new to our line. I am happy that someone purchased a real steal! I guess I’m too sentimental. I remember the journey that goes into finding every fabric in our line, the sampling process, and getting the sample books in the hands of our customers. I’ll get over it.

Kathy & Michele are working with a fashion designer.

A customer carefully checks out our sale stock.

Lucy helps designers with their orders.

Everyone loves beautiful fabrics at our biannual warehouse sale!

Ray, our sales person for the Colorado mountain area, assists customers with their choices.

“This thing is really heavy and totally ancient!” I thought she was talking about me! I guess they were looking at the petrified wood tables; at least I think they were.

Judy writes up an order for some wonderful frog pots from Burma!

***Our next warehouse sale is October 19 for designers and October 21 & 22 for the public and designers. October 20 is a prepaid ticket day. We would love to see you! Denver is beautiful in October!

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