Thursday, May 12, 2011

Fabric Fantasia & Paul Ropp

Decorative fabrics have a strong allure for me whether for home furnishing or fashion. I have loved men’s clothing since high school and this continues to this day. My closet has evolved from embarrassing velvet striped bellbottoms with platform shoes (Where is the disco ball?), double-breasted chalk-striped suits with a plethora of ties, to my very casual style of today. I am most happy wearing cargo shorts with a tee-shirt and flip flops, but I still have a fetish for shirts. I get a little crazy about shirts from Nodus, Paul Smith, or Etro.

While reading at my hotel in Bali I noticed a group of men nearby. It looked like 6 body guards and one important guy all talking on their cell phones in Russian. A tall blond with the looks of a super model strolled over to Mr. Big wearing an incredibly colorful outfit. I later found she was wearing “Paul Ropp”, Bali’s most innovative clothing designer.

Marla and I were hooked at once! Paul Ropp moved to Bali years ago from Brooklyn. Today, Ropp’s signature resort wear can be found in boutiques around the world. His look is tropical rock & roll, haute hippie, and South beach meets Saint Tropez. His style is irreverent, eccentric, and eclectic,…a little like me!

On Wesco Fabrics’ incentive trips to Bali we always introduce our guests to Paul Ropp style. Anyone that loves color and textile art always falls in love with the looks like we did!

Paul Ropp boutiques are a riot of color!

Roger, a designer from Denver, asked me “can I live here?”

We visited the Paul Ropp factory where all the clothing is made.

It was fascinating to see how the clothing was put together.

The styles are designed by Paul Ropp and his team and made in Bali with fabrics imported from India.

Dining out with my Paul Ropp shirt.

Marla looks fab wearing her RP if I say so myself!

Wearing Paul Ropp one can dream they will be asked to join a Balinese dance company. The tropics can really mess with your mind!

Marla brings Ropp tropical fashion to the office.

Watch Paul Ropp talk about his creations. You will love this!

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