Thursday, June 23, 2011

How soon is now?

How soon is now?

I listened to The Smiths’ “How soon is now” on the way to work. The title hit me like a lightening bolt! How soon is now? Many of us in the small business arena have been in a battle the past few years. We work diligently at assisting our customers. We struggle to develop products they and their customers feel are beautiful. We scour our financial sheets for ways to become more efficient. We do our best to innovate and be viable in a very competitive environment. The process can be tiring and often stressful!

Obviously, there is no magic to all of this. We have all heard advice from the media, business consultants, and seminars. None of this is a new elixir, but we must keep at it so it becomes a positive habit!

*To survive and to grow we must let go of the bowlines that have restricted our journey and head toward a destination of ultimate success.

*We must loosen the grip of fear that can paralyze.

*We must awaken to the infinite possibilities that are within our grasp. We are often blind to what is right in front of us.

*We must move beyond self-doubt and reposition our quadrants with the innate wisdom we possess.

I read an interesting quote this morning from Harvard economist, Lawrence Summers: “The central irony of financial crisis is that while it is caused by too much confidence, borrowing and lending, and spending, it is resolved ONLY by increases in confidence, borrowing & lending, and spending!"

Please join us on a confident road. Who knows what great things we will find just over this hill?
***If you are tired of economics and just want some rock & roll check out this link for “How soon is now” from The Smiths.

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