Thursday, June 16, 2011

Trying out my new camera in the Wesco Fabrics warehouse

I’ve used lots of cameras over the years and I thought it was time to try something smaller than my heavy SLR’s. Recently I picked up a compact Nikon P300 and love the quality of image and the features available in such a small camera. I walked around the furniture section of our warehouse and took some close-up pictures of my favorites. I’ve listed retail prices next to each piece. Designers receive their normal trade discount.

Carved vintage panel from Madura. $395 retail.

Panel from a vintage teak Madura bed. $795 retail.

Chinese Demilune table. Two can be put together for a circular table. $1050 retail.

Large contemporary wall sculpture from Northern Thailand. $1695 retail.

White wood round cocktail table. $1395 retail.

Japanese, Meiji period, Sendai dansu. (Tansu chest) With the destruction from the tsunami in Sendai, we feel fortunate to have this piece. $5695 Retail.

Blue washed, four drawer table. $1695 retail.

Recycled teak cabinet. $450 retail.

Vintage Chinese apothecary cabinet. $1150 retail.

Recycled teak cabinet. $595 retail.

Large, tamarind wood dining table. $2995 retail.

38” tall, vintage wood Quan Yin statue. $1295 retail.

Large pot from Burma. $550 retail.

Assorted sizes of polished petrified wood tables. $950 to $2195 retail.

156” long, suar wood dining table. $3295 retail. Round, 18” tall, modern suar wood stools. $495 retail.

Assorted stone-covered pots. $269 retail.

78” tall stone carving of Parvati. $1695 retail.

Vintage bed from the island of Madura. The bed comes apart for shipping. $4500 retail.

Rare and unique, large vintage Burmese Buddha pavilion. $11,950 retail. 19th century Buddha. $2950 retail.

I love my new camera! It’s always fun to look at our furniture from a different perspective. It is a continuing adventure. If you have any questions please send an email to

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