Thursday, July 28, 2011

Wanderlust and Color Inspiration

I went in for a check-up last week. I thought I had a slight touch of the ennui. The doctor said that all I had was a severe case of “wanderlust!” Phew,….I know what to prescribe for that. The best elixir is…TRAVEL!

I love St. Augustine’s quote…”The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page.” There are still so many pages I want to explore! Travel is more than just seeing exotic places and immersion in unfamiliar cultures; it is a new way of seeing things. I find that travel is an adventure in experiencing color and pattern in inspiring and often surprising ways. Please come along as I revisit colorful destinations of past travel.

The entrance to TAD on the Via del Babuino in Rome changes color constantly. This amazing store contains everything from haute couture fashion, a florist, furniture, and even a café. One of my very favorite places!

Parisians love vibrant color in both fashion and the home. This Left Bank boutique is a riot of color!

I love the lime green chair in the window of Sonia Rykiel’s Left Bank store!

I worked in a men’s shop while in university. That was probably my first foray into working with colors. I snapped this window while strolling in Paris last year. Why do the French and Italians seem to have such panache with personal style?

This woman is a style maven. That’s probably one of the many reasons I married her. I love her radiant red scarf!

Nature’s garden colors are spread in front of me on my plate! In a tiny village south of Aubensas, in the department of the Ardeche, we came upon a delightful café.

Blissful blue hues rank near the top for me! Though I am sure that many of you will definitely have your own favorites, I find the bays around the Adriatic Island of Hvar, in Croatia, to have spectacular shades of blue!

The Indian bed and its pink curtains beckon me to come closer like a Lorelei on the rocks!

Lotus flowers are not only beautiful, but have many spiritual references in Asian religions. I found this flower in a garden in Thailand.

Woman of the Akha tribe wear distinctive headdresses. I am fascinated by the craft and the creation of what they wear. I visited an Akha hilltribe in Northern Thailand near the Burmese border.

I will always remember the day we were exploring the Bayon Temple at Angkor in Cambodia. Some young monks walked through an ancient portal with their saffron robes. I will never forget the juxtaposition of the color orange and the gray of the ancient temple ruins!

No destination has been a more sensory revelation than Bali! Early one morning we were blessed with a spellbinding sunrise in Sanur!

The clothing of these young Balinese dancers is colorful and vibrant.

I took a slow exposure of dancers at the Uluwatu Temple. The movement and rhythm of color cast a dreamlike spell as the gamelan played.

I was particularly struck by the strong green painted Ogoh-ogoh monster in Ubud during Nyepi, the Balinese New Year.

The color on the blouse of this woman is one of my favorite colors. The woman is carrying an offering on her head inside a temple in the village of Kedewatan during the funeral ceremony of an important leader.

Bali is impossibly green! Marla leads clients on a river gorge hike in the Bali highlands on a Wesco Fabrics’ incentive trip.

I took this picture on the Big Island of Hawaii near my brother’s home. The gray palm bark is a nice contrast for the radiant hibiscus bloom.

My grandson is in his own fantastic world of color and dreams.

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