Thursday, August 11, 2011

Summer Diversion

After spending way too much time observing the drama in Washington D.C. & Wall Street, I happily plunged into a great summer diversion. Masterpiece Mystery on PBS, broadcast the wonderful BBC three part series, “Aurelio Zen”. I immersed myself in images of Armani suits, ancient Roman streets, high cheek bones & great heels, lots of espresso, and Italian noir drama. It was an exciting ride!

The late Irish writer, Michael Dibdin, placed Rome as a backdrop for many of his Aurelio Zen detective novels.

British actor, Rufus Sewell, rakishly plays the Venetian detective, “Aurelio Zen”. Sewell has perfect charm and suave understatement as possibly Rome’s only honest detective. And, he still lives with his mother! Marla definitely put down her Sudoku to watch this handsome dude!

Caterina Murino plays Tania, Zen’s love interest in the three part series. She smolders in the role as she channels classic femme fatales from past Italian cinema. Bellissima!

Love his type C52 Alfa Romeo convertible!

The streets of Rome have many secrets, all mixed in a mysterious stew of organized crime, shady politicians, old aristocratic families, and secret church organizations. Sounds like an “Aurelio Zen” novel!

*** You can watch all three “Aurelio Zen episodes, Vendetta, Cabal & Ratking, on line until the end of the month at : (Netflix rents the series as well.)

***A nice teaser video to see if “Aurelio Zen” is the summer diversion you have been looking for. (Just after the 10 second commercial.)

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