Thursday, September 15, 2011

The Dinner Party

It seems people don’t have many dinner parties today. It might be our busy lifestyles, or possibly we are a little lazy. Everyone loves to be transported to a festive and colorful place. The dinner party is the perfect vehicle for a visual and culinary escape. An elegant event often enhances the cuisine, the wine, and the conversation. We don’t have to recreate a mandarin’s palace or Versailles to create a beautiful party for you and your guests.

A few yards of a sparkling fabric and a few flowers transformed a dining table to something exotic and unique. Bring out the objets d’arts that have been hiding in your cabinet and work it into your table top design.

Our daughter Lisa has inherited dinner party DNA from her mom and grandmother.

Let your creativity shine. Why dial back the look? As my grandson once said… “I like too much!”

I designed this romantic setting for our showroom in the Denver Design District. Purple satin, metallic tissue, orchids and amethyst geodes….Dim the lights and crack open the Champagne!

Your table will, of course, fit the style of the evening. With guests like these you can probably get by with just paper plates,….and a lot of luck!

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