Thursday, September 8, 2011

Everyone Needs A Stylist

Our daughter Stacy attended a really big high school reunion recently. When her best friend from college heard about it, he called insisting that she use his twelve point check list for reunions. Patrick is in public relations in LA specializing in luxury brands and knows about this stuff. He called everyday concerned about her outfit choices. One day he called and asked, “Tell me, what is your hair doing now?”


(Stacy told me she had a checklist of her own but found his very "LA" which we all found very humorous!)

1. 2 weeks out…hair highlight.

2. 1 week out…no carbs.

3. 1 week out…no alcohol.

4. 1 week out…double check outfit & accessories.

5. 1 week out…facial.

6. 1 week out…teeth whitening.

7. 2 days out…cleanse.

8. 2 days out…massage.

9. 2 days out…manicure/pedicure.

10. 2 days out…spray tan.

11. “Remember, this is high school, not college. Review yearbook ASAP!”

12. Cram world news for talking points.

Stacy looked ravishing for her reunion, but I may use Patrick’s plan for my next big reunion. I will have trouble with the no carbs & no alcohol part! Spanx for men?

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