Thursday, September 1, 2011

Logo Evolution

To celebrate the 65th anniversary of our company, we launched a brand new logo design! The new WF style was voted the overwhelming favorite by our staff, sales people and customers. The image above is from our new catalog featuring the season’s hot colorway, citron and gray.

The design is both modern and classical.

Our fabric sample books feature the new look branding in a colorful way.

Our Gentry Collection sample identity remains the same. I love this design.

In the 1950’s we used a cursive font which lasted for many years.

This ad ran in a trade newspaper in the early 1960’s. Check out the simple postal code and telephone number!

1967 Wesco Fabrics catalog.

Even our Denver headquarters building has cursive signage. It’s too classic to ever think of changing!

1973 letterhead with our ribbon style logo in blue and pink. Marla’s mother loved blue and used blue silk in her office at Wesco Fabrics.

Wesco’s sampling and logo in the 1970’s was a bit psychedelic, but we loved it at the time!

Print samples back in the day.

Our logo was tweaked in this 1980’s brochure.

I helped design our showroom in Dallas in the 1980’s. It was influenced by our logo and sample book colors. It’s fun to look back at it now, but we thought it was pretty cool at the time.

The Wesco Fabrics’ ribbon style logo is shown in the office window of our warehouse showroom in Ohio in the 1980’s. Earth tones were becoming popular at the time. I designed the furniture and had a Denver craftsman do the fabrication. I had him build a custom heating device to bend the heavy clear acrylic chairs.

We loved using this logo for its versatility with our sample books.

Our logo evolution is a fascinating journey from early corporate origins to where we are today.

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