Friday, September 30, 2011

What a rock

Emperor Tiberius came here to escape intrigues in Rome in 27 AD. He stayed and built 12 villas. Movie stars and celebrities have been here along with the paparazzi forever! Countless day-trippers arrive from Naples, Sorrento, Positano, and Amalfi, to explore the beautiful island. We brought our Wesco Fabrics’ group to Capri to experience this magnificent rock in the Tyrrhenian Sea. There is something about this island that captivates and weaves a spell lulling one into a summer stupor thinking you have found heaven.
Arriving in Marina Grande on the jet ferry we took the “funiculore” up to Capri Town passing villas and small gardens teaming with ripe tomatoes and bougainvillea on the steep hillside.
Gorgeous boutique windows lure billionaires and tourists alike. Marla fell in love with a diaphanous gown from Roberto Cavali.
Serious shopping starts in front of the Grand Hotel Quisisana and down Via Camerelle.
Bonnie, Dixie, and Marla evaluate the latest from Missoni.
This is what $500 will buy when you want a Missoni bikini!
Antica Sartoria in both Capri and Positano offers amazing values in woman’s fashion.
Gorgeous villas on Via Camerelle.
Via Tragara is a beautiful lane with luxury boutique hotels like La Scalinatella, incredible private villas hidden behind stone walls, and amazing vistas of the sea.
Seating area of a private villa.
All I can say is “WOW!”
Time for our close-up.
The steep path on Via Faraglioni gave no hint to the visual treats in store for our guests. I had a reservation at La Fontelina for lunch and their private swimming area. Everyone went crazy when we came around a bend and could see the Faraglioni rocks below!
La Fontelina doesn’t look like much with its flimsy construction built on a rocky cliff. A good wind would probably blow it down. What it has is an unparalleled pedigree, with patrons like Brigitte Bardot, Jackie Onassis, Valentino, Elton John, and Beyonce. The famous and not-so-famous alike have treasured the restaurant for the freshest seafood and the lido on the rocks by the sea.
The scene.
To be honest, I didn’t mind my little foray on the turf (or rocks) of the mega rich and super celebs!
A few seafood platters, insalata Caprese, chilled wine, and a Peroni or two, made for a perfect lunch.
Marla looks beautiful as she channels her best Sophia Loren from “It started in Naples.”
It’s time to sleep and take in the warm Mediterranean sun. This is definitely my kind of extravagance! “Someone better turn Bob over!”
No one felt like a heart attack on the trail back to town and we didn’t have a yacht, so we took the boat over to Marina Piccola. “Is that Roman Abramovich’s yacht in the bay?” “Which one? He has five super yachts!”
We boarded the jet ferry back to Positano with many very happy memories. I can’t wait to return to this wonderful rock!

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