Thursday, October 6, 2011

Creative Lightning

I envy people who can find creative inspiration almost anywhere. They can read a magazine, gaze out their window, visit a museum, or daydream while having coffee, and great ideas seem to flow effortlessly. I am NOT that person. I really need to get away from my normal world of work and activities. I love scanning for the new ideas on style, color, and pattern while traveling. My scanning lens is less inhibited when I am outside my usual bubble. My photoreceptors are ramped up on trips afar. Please look at my original inspiration pictures and the eventual translation to a new Wesco decorative fabric.

An explosion of wildflowers on a Sonoma Coast hillside and Kerala color Sugar Plum.

Cire Trudon in Paris is the world’s oldest candle maker. Their plethora of colors inspired our hand-woven silk stripe, Headliner color Multi.

I purchased these Burmese pots while in Chiang Mai. Our satin embroidery, Engagement color Coffee Bean, is similarly inspired.

The storefront paint color of Depot Nicolas, on Rue Saint-Louis En L’Ille, in Paris, is beautiful. The Garnet color of our silk & viscose textured satin, Illustrous, is stunning as well!

I visited a Tibetan monastery while on a cycling trip in Tuscany. The colors of the round ceiling were vibrant and exciting. The textured stripe, Narayan color Orchid is a nice complement.

The chartreuse colored chair in the window of Sonia Rykiel left a strong impression. The memory influenced the woven jacquard scroll design, Vanishing Act color Chartreuse.

I spotted this jacket while on a “scanning” stroll on the Left Bank. Our hand-woven silk & cotton stripe, Spinner’s Delight color Tundra has the same feeling.

The store window cast me in a saturated hot pink glow. Cayman color Raspberry has a similar intensity. It’s a bit much but I like too much!

While hiking with Marla and a Colorado interior designer on Ile Sainte-Marguerite, across from Cannes, I spied these wonderful doors. The pattern Shanghai color Cypress is equally enchanting!


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