Thursday, October 27, 2011

The Secretary

Years ago my father-in-law Harry dictated letters to his secretary. She was fabulous with shorthand and her speed could burn up a typewriter! It was like a scene from “Mad Men.” My mother-in-law Joline had a secretary as well. I will always remember her blue IBM Selectric II typewriter on her Capiz shell topped blue desk, with the blue silk draperies, and blue silk wall coverings. Did I say she loved blue? Harry & Joline would NOT believe how business has changed today! Secretaries have evolved to administrative assistants and much expanded responsibilities. The dictated business letter is as rare a Dodo bird!

Communication today boggles my mind! Instantaneous forms of contact are the rule. We are bombarded by an amazing array of media. No wonder those of us in business have to deal with “short-attention span theatre!” We have gone from a letter in the mail, to a fax, to email, to the ever present Facebook. Did I mention the telephone call? Customer contact is now a new art form that is evolving by the day.

The Wesco Fabrics’ communication repertoire includes:

WESCO ONLINE…Our complete 24/7 online ordering site for everything from Wesco Fabrics cut yardage, Custom Window Covering Workroom, Finial & Paris Texas Custom Hardware, and Hunter Douglas products. It’s super fast and designed with prompts to eliminate mistakes.

WESCO FABRICS’ WEBSITE…Our complete product, services, & information site. Color fabric image searching feature and links to WESCO ONLINE.

WESCO FABRICS FACEBOOK…Our company Facebook site for Window Covering and Interior Design professionals.

WESCO FABRICS OUTLET…Our outlet website for super fabric bargains is available to everyone. Wesco Fabrics’ customers can log in to receive their usual trade discount.

GENTRYCONNECTS BLOG…This is a weekly blog devoted to topics of interest from decorative fabrics, style, travel, and other areas that peek my interest.

I don’t want to even think what it would be like WITHOUT email today, but there is something very special about receiving a hand-written card! I give my sincere gratitude to secretaries of the past and their modern counterparts today! We love you!

***Check out this very funny Youtube video about a secretary and dictation from an early Monty Python skit:

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