Thursday, December 1, 2011

Rendezvous in Brussels

After hosting a Wesco Fabrics’ customer trip to Italy, and a holiday in the South of France, we headed to Brussels to source decorative fabrics.

Marla peruses the latest offerings at the Mood Textile Fair.

Silk prices have gone through the roof so many Indian companies have developed new constructions with silk blends.

The Sablon area of Brussels is our favorite.

Interesting interior design boutique.

Brussels, like Paris, has many very unusual & esoteric boutiques.

A store specializing in canes!

Over-the-top window display.

What is this store trying to sell?

Flemish architecture from the 16th century.

Hmmm…an enticing historical entranceway to a bar in the back. It’s time for a great Belgium beer!

My greatest discovery was “Patisserie Orientale.” Middle-Eastern inspired candies filled with marzipan, dates, figs, and pistachios inspire the eye and the palate.

A couple celebrates the evening in front of a Sablon area wine bar.

In a contemplative mood, I wonder “am I heading in the right direction?” “What new ideas can I bring to Wesco Fabrics?” “Should I have bought those fabrics today?”

Bringing wisdom and good counsel to the table, Marla’s smile and assurance was the elixir I needed.

We say goodnight to the Brussels’ chic.

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  1. So sorry we missed you! Susan and I were there on Wednesday. Loved what we saw especially the wide width linens and linen blends.