Thursday, January 5, 2012

No Eels Please Visiting Textile Mills in China

Modern China is an enigma wrapped in a silk veil of mystery. Our China trip in November was a wonderful adventure and a visual dim sum feast! We arrived in Shanghai from Beijing, picking a hotel in the Pudong area with a view of the historical Bund. With a population of over 23 million, Shanghai puts the term “megatropolis” in a whole new perspective.


We were on holiday, but took some time to visit a few of our textile suppliers outside of Shanghai. We usually see them in Frankfurt or Brussels. The train to our destination was modern and high-speed.

Peter picked us up at the Yuhang station and took us to see his factory.

We always enjoy seeing how the fabrics are woven,…and more importantly, inspected!

A multi-colored warp is set up for production.

This vibrant color combination begins as yarn spools on a yarn rack.

Peter asked us if we liked “KFC?” A big surprise was in store when we arrived at the local restaurant “Snow.” “Is this fish staring at me?” “No eels please!”

The staff was excited to have Westerners in their restaurant! I had the feeling we were their first!

Annie picked us up so we could visit her modern mill.

Can you believe they have five floors of textile showrooms? “Visual overload anyone?”

“I like this one!”

The complete design team came in to assist us.

Is this the look of creativity or chaos?

Annie checks prices for me. We were amazed at how young everyone is!

We followed Annie down a maze of corridors from one showroom to another. “Who has a map to this place?”

Their contemporary wall covering showroom.

It was interesting to see window covering designs styled for the Chinese home market.

Metallic sheer creates an eclectic sizzle!

We say goodbye to Zhejiang and head to the train station.

After a three hour train ride we are happily back to Shanghai. If I am known for anything it is finding good Italian restaurants in unusual places. “La Villa” was just across from our hotel. Shanghai is vibrant, exciting, and pulsing with energy. We loved it!

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