Thursday, March 8, 2012

Purple Reign

Purple is an amazing color symbolizing power, nobility, and luxury. Filled with mystery and magic, it’s a color liked by creative & eccentric types That’s why I love purple! The stunning lavender hued bedroom above was beautifully designed by Diane Guariglia of Dyfari Interiors of Cold Spring Harbor, New York.

Diane displayed a mastery of color editing in this wonderful feminine bedroom. She calls it “Purplicious.”

The color purple can sometimes be a little tricky. Some people love the intensity, while others enjoy just a touch as an accent. This Christian Louboutin purple suede fringe boot would add the perfect punch for an incredible outfit!

Life Magazine shot Jayne Mansfield’s Beverly Hills “Pink Palace” mansion in the 1960’s. How about those purple velvet sofas in the living room? I actually really like it.

Years ago I had a purple Versace cashmere jacket that was my favorite. I’ve got to have these purple suede wingtips from Alfred Sargent in London! I still have a thing about purple!

Next to a Quan Yin statue in our Wesco Fabrics’ Denver Design District showroom we displayed our delicious pattern “Dream House”, color Lavender. Purple velvet is appliquéd and embroidered on a silk organza.

Purple velvet chairs and sheer drapery at Jennifer Aniston’s home.

Dolce & Gabbana provides men some sizzling bling with this jacket from their 2011 collection.

Brown walls make an interesting color play with the purple draperies.

Our modern style drapery uses pattern Limelight, color Grape, and Illustrous, color Buff. Both are beautiful silk and viscose blends.

Here is a sneak peak of the purple palette in our “Imagine” Gentry Collection of truly gorgeous coordinated designs launching in May.


  1. Thank you so much for including me in your blog! I love the modern style drapes!! - Diane Guariglia

  2. So Dick - where is a picture of your super duper special purple tie?