Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Wesco Fabrics Warehouse Sale a Metaphor for Life

Spring is the season to clean out the clutter of our lives. For some it is unused golf clubs, massive stacks of magazines, or old clothes destined for Goodwill. This act of cleansing is therapeutic for the spirit and helps others as well. Our Spring Wesco Fabrics warehouse sale is the time when we sell decorative fabrics, furniture and accessories at a fabulous discount! By moving out our older inventory we can purchase fresh and new products. Everyone wins! The sale is exclusively for designers, Wednesday & Thursday May 2 & 3, with the public invited Friday & Saturday May 4 & 5.

We have two large containers arriving shortly from Thailand and Bali so we must make room!

A happy customer spots a beautiful silk fabric that will make wonderful draperies!

We always have exciting and unusual finds on sale!

A designer works with her client on a great bargain they found!

“This will be perfect!”

I love to see happy customers at our sale!

These stone sculptures are taller than I am!

I am not selling our Burmese Buddha pavilion. I may even burn a little incense if it helps with a great sale!

***Check out our YouTube video about our sale!


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