Friday, July 13, 2012

Tablet Mania

Roger, a designer friend, showed pictures of Costa Rica on his new iPad. The images were vibrant and the colors were bright and saturated. He traded his old iPad2 for the new version which has a 3.1 million pixel retina display. All I could say was “Wow!” I was having a case of iPad envy!

There are lots of tablets out there but Apple really gets it right. I find that I use my tablet almost as much as my PC. I’ve stored hundreds of pictures, a thousand songs, movies, and books. With its 3G capability (The new iPads are 4G.) I can use it almost anywhere even without Wi-Fi. Marla uses it in the car when we are driving together, to catch up with her busy life. Did I mention apps? There are over 225,000 apps on subjects as diverse as “Angry Birds” to “Markets in Marrakech!” I love my iPad!

Our sales reps are finding new uses for tablets everyday! Steve Beard used his this week while calling on a designer in Arkansas. He has catalogs and price lists of every Wesco Fabrics’ product downloaded in PDF form in his iPad iBooks application. He can enlarge images and show his clients pictures of beautiful fabrics and window coverings.

Lori Conway used her iPad this week while working with a client in Southern California. She uses an attached keyboard for faster typing. She loves her iPad.

My tablet started as a fun novelty but quickly became an indispensible productivity device. I’ll share more great window covering business applications in the future.

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