Thursday, July 19, 2012

The Inspiration Quest

There are moments when my creative brain flows almost effortlessly and other times when it grinds to a total halt. Everyone in the creative arena has a system to relight the fire. I start by going over design magazines like House Beautiful, Elle D├ęcor, Traditional Home, and Architectural Digest. Travel magazines give a visual boost as well. Design & fashion blogs, Houzz, and Pinterest are great for a visual kick start. I’ll share a few other ideas to assist in your creative quest.

I find inspiration in the creative instincts of my wife and daughters. I’m listening more.

I can walk for hours checking out cool window displays in Paris, Rome or Brussels.

Displace yourself in unfamiliar territory. Travel helps rewire my creative brain.

I sit and admire an interesting painting.

Do you want to see really beautiful product and packaging colors? Check out the cosmetic department in Nieman Marcus or Nordstrom.

Embrace nature with a long walk outdoors.

Let me loose in an amazing store of visual treats.

I am inspired by the mystery, depth of color and luminosity of silk fabrics.

I love the canvas of ancient walls.

There is no better creative elixir than being near the sea or a wonderful lake.

Sometimes I empty the mind while on a long bike ride. I now have room for new thoughts and ideas.

There is that special dream time you find just before waking up in the morning. Great ideas can generate from this place.


Image credit: Dick Gentry, Architectural Digest, OPI, Papayaart.

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