Thursday, August 16, 2012

Lessons Learned

Last November, while on a trip to Beijing, I visited the temple to the Gods of Prosperity. I prayed for good health, happiness and prosperity for our family and our business. For many of us, especially those in window coverings and home furnishings, it has been quite challenging since the recession began in 2008. The new business climate obviously necessitates new strategies. Apart from enjoying the Olympic Games this month I saw lessons that positively translate to business.

Things happen! Sometimes we trip and fall. It’s all about picking ourselves up and rising to the challenge ahead. Competition is tough. Be prepared for the ups and the downs! Keep moving forward no matter what!

Success often looks easy but of course it never is! To achieve a high level of mastery, whether in business or in sports, takes an amazing level of commitment and effort! The gift of natural talent will take you only so far. Malcolm Gladwell’s famous “law of 10,000 hours” in his book, Outliers, talks about the repetition of practicing specific tasks in order to be an elite performer. There are no shortcuts.

Watching the indefatigable Oscar Pistorious perform in the Olympics was a wonderful lesson in overcoming disabilities.

The Olympics were fabulous for exercising your creativity sensors! The pageantry, colors, designs, and sights of the Games created quite a buzz in my right frontal lobe!

As in basketball, water polo, or soccer, an effective team is paramount to success! In the past I was more solitary in making business decisions. Today I KNOW a team is important! They say “two heads are better than one” but at least Marla and I are working with a brain and a half. Can you guess which one of us is the half?

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