Friday, August 31, 2012

Supremely Custom

Living beautifully in our homes is an aesthetic of style and functionality. Whether you love a pared down, more simple home environment, or traditional upscale elegance, fine decorative fabrics and window coverings are one of the most important design elements. There really is no substitute for custom created, well designed products! Interior designers and window covering professionals partner with trusted custom workrooms to help create the designs of their client’s dreams. This level of creativity cannot be purchased ready made off the shelf. At Wesco Fabrics we have worked with the country’s finest designers for over 66 years.

The process starts by thoroughly understanding what the customer desires. Joanne has worked with the trade over 40 years! Expert creations require a true expert!

Supremely expert seamstresses were called “petite mains”, or “little hands”, in the workshops of fashion couturiers in Paris. Our two custom workrooms have artisan seamstresses with many years of experience.

Our team double checks an elegant swag valance.

A large Roman Shade in the stringing process.

Sewing a custom pillow sham.

A cornice with insert will soon look stunning at the window.

Wesco Fabrics’ pattern Resources, color Pewter Slate, will be made into a contemporary custom drapery treatment.

Upholstered headboards are very popular again!

Our wood shop department makes packing crates for shipping our customer’s special creations.

An embroidered satin custom drapery is expertly inspected by one of our “petite mains.”

I had lunch at a favorite Chinese restaurant today. Opening my fortune cookie put a big smile on my face. I have worked in the creative world since 1968, and I still LOVE it! May you find your creative design passion.

Photo credits: Dick Gentry, Pinterest.

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