Thursday, August 23, 2012

The Reunion

Have you ever traveled in a time machine? Last weekend I really turned back the clock while attending a big High School reunion in Northern California. Before leaving I studied my high school yearbook to reacquaint names and faces. So many questions race through your head like what to wear, who will show up, will I recognize anyone, and how have they progressed these many years since graduation? The weekend started with some close friends over dinner in Walnut Creek.

Linda, Patty, Nancy, and Diana, check out pictures during the reunion. “Can you believe that is…..?”

Marla chats with Nancy, an interior designer in Marin County. She is currently in a “Moroccan” period.

I must not have gotten the memo about wearing Aloha shirts. I did wear a blazer, but it came off pretty quickly when the music started!

Long time friends hit the dance floor!

On Sunday, during an all-class picnic, I walked over to my old school. Things have changed as it has been re-purposed as a middle school. I smile as distant memories race in my head with the past sounds of students in the halls, checking out the chicks with my buddies, running on the school’s cinder track, and the great times we had. I have been very fortunate! I made it through the turmoil of the Viet Nam period, the San Francisco music scene, and the haze of the 60’s! Oh what a strange, but absolutely beautiful trip it’s been!

If you have a big high school reunion looming in your future do not hesitate for a minute. Definitely go! You may not recognize some of your past friends, and you might not relate in the same ways, but you can collectively celebrate the joy of being alive! That’s a pretty big deal in my book!

Let’s hear about your reunions.

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  1. I haven't ever been to one of my reunions but it looks like you and Marla had a great time so I may have to try one out!
    Did you have music from the late 60's? It would definitely bring back a lot of memories. I loved your comments about "what a strange but absolutely beautiful trip its been" and "celebrate the joy of being alive!" We are truly fortunate to have made it this far and to have such great friends and family.